Posted on behalf of Duncan Wright

Dear AAA,

I would like to send you an update about the upcoming symposium: “The archaeology of portable art: South East Asian, Pacific and Australian perspectives”. Also, to remind you that the deadline for paper abstracts is 28th February (next week)!

This symposium is scheduled for May 23rd – 24th (with the John Mulvaney lecture, presented by Prof Francesco d’Errico, on 22nd May). We now have two plenaries: Francesco d’Errico (a principal figure in Palaeolithic archaeology, Uni Bordeaux) and Stephen Loring (Curator, Museum Anthropologist and Arctic Archaeologist, Smithsonian). This will coincide with the southern hemisphere launch of “La Couleur des Ovahima”, a documentary on pigment use in Namibia and implications for MSA use of pigment and a portable art microscopy workshop run by FD (for students).

To those of you who have already submitted paper abstracts, many thanks. For those of you who wish to be involved and are yet to do so, please can you send this to or by 28th February.

To confirm your attendance, please register online at: We have kept the costs very low ($80 full registration, $50 student, $40 symposium dinner). Hopefully this will facilitate excellent discussion and instigate useful collaborations between researchers interested in this topic.

Look forward to seeing you there!

All best,