Torre d’en Galmés Archaeology Courses and Field School

The Amics del Museu de Menorca, in Menorca, on the Balearic Islands in Spain is running its annual Torre d’en Galmés field school and archaeological courses.

The Archaeological Field School organised by Amics del Museu de Menorca continues the excavation of two domestic spaces on the archaeological site of Torre d’en Galmés. The objective of the excavation is to improve knowledge of the prehistory of the West Mediterranean. At the same time, the team helps students to learn how an excavation works, and allows students to put into practice what they have learnt in university.


  • 3 weeks: from the 6th to 25th
  • 2 weeks: from 6th to 18th, or 13th to 25th
  • 1 week: from 6th to 11th, from 13th to 18th, or from 20th to 25th


  • 3 weeks: from 3rd to 22nd
  • 2 weeks: from 3rd to 15th, or from 10th to 22nd
  • 1 week: from 3rd to 8th, from 10th to 15th, or from 17th to 22nd

The following activities will be carried out in Torre d’en Galmés 2015:

Excavation, planimetry and collection of samples during the morning in the site.

Study of materials and lectures will be held during the afternoon in
the Museu of Menorca. The lectures will be about field experience in archaeological excavation techniques, treatment of archaeological artifacts, drawing of archaeological finds, Prehistory and History of the western Mediterranean and Menorca and the Balearic islands under the Roman Empire. Identification and classification of protohistoric and ancient pottery, archaeological and historical heritage management and physical anthropology applied to archaeology.

Field trips

The on-site work is complemented by field trips conducted to several archaeological sites on the island and to some of its beaches. Every Saturday and once during the week students will be taken on archaeological field trips.


A maximum of 10 students at a time can be enrolled. There will be a residence for students in Mahon, the capital of the island, with dining room, bathroom and bedroom. Full board will be provided every day except Sunday.

The price varies depending on the length of the course:

  • 3 weeks 750€
  • 2 weeks 550€
  • 1 week 300€

50€ have to be paid in advanced (not refundable) that will be discounted from the total price.

The registration also includes course fee, accommodation, accident insurance and a certificate of participation.

The enrollment includes an accidents inssurance, all the
material needed and the travels through the island. The travel to Menorca is not included.

The enrolment will have a 50% deduction for those who live in Menorca and those who don’t want neither hosting nor maintenance.