Australian Archaeology


The Australian Archaeology editorial team comprises:

  • Sean Ulm (Editor-In-Chief), James Cook University
  • Annie Ross ((Editor-In-Chief), University of Queensland
  • Ariana Lambrides (Associate Editor), James Cook University
  • Mirani Litster (Book Review Editor), University of Canberra

The Editors can be contacted via email here.

A list of the former journal Editors and their terms can be accessed here.

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of Australian Archaeology was formed in 2007.  It is the responsibility of the EAB to advise the Editors on policy matters and standards, and for individual members to provide referee reports on manuscripts submitted as articles.  From time to time, EAB members may also be asked by the Editors to provide advice on other journal related matters. Membership of the EAB is at the discretion of the Editors.

Jonathan Benjamin, Flinders University
Heather Burke, Flinders University
Kane Ditchfield, University of Western Australia
Emilie Dotte Sarout, University of Western Australia
Luke Godwin, Central Queensland Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd
Rodney Harrison, University College London
Sharon Hodgetts, Forestry Corporation of NSW
Jenny Kahn, College of William and Mary
Susan Lawrence, La Trobe University
Kelsey Lowe, University of Queensland
Jo McDonald, University of Western Australia
Ian McNiven, Monash University
Jim O’Connell, University of Utah
Sue O’Connor, Australian National University
Amy Prendergast, University of Melbourne
Georgia Roberts, Australian National University
Michael Slack, Scarp Pty Ltd
Janelle Stevenson, Australian National University
Daryl Wesley, Flinders University
Alan Williams, EMM Consulting Pty Ltd
Rachel Wood, Australian National University