There are a couple of reasons which might explain why the latest edition of Australian Archaeology hasn’t hit your mailbox yet.

1)  Make sure that the membership secretaries have your current mailing address prior to each edition of the journal being printed, regardless of when you renewed your membership.  We know this is stating the obvious, but every mailout has some copies that are returned because people are no longer at the address they supplied in our database.

2) The membership secretaries always conduct a major membership drive in the months leading up to the printing of each new AA.  If you respond to this by the cut-off date you’ll get your copy of AA hot off the press in the first mailout.  If you don’t manage to renew by the cut-off date you’ll go into a second round mailout.

3) This second mailout is really a period of grace for anyone who just missed out on the cut-off date above.  If you renew in the 12 weeks following the cut-off, we will post you your copy of AA in the first week of the next quarter (either September or March, depending on the edition).  There are four mailouts of the journal each year: one each in the first week of June and December to mail out the new journal, and one in the first week of each quarter (September and March) to catch this second round.  We bundle the mailouts together in this way to keep costs down, since, if we posted every edition individually as people joined, the cost would be astronomical and membership fees would have to increase.

4) If you miss this period of grace, you will have to wait until the next quarter (i.e. either December or June), when you will receive two editions of the journal at once (i.e. the most recent and the previous edition).

Don’t forget, of course, that all members can download the content from any edition of AA online.

If you still feel there is a problem with receipt of your journal, please contact the editors or the membership secretaries.