Volume 81 v2 AA-Cover81-PROOF 1(December 2015)

Sandra Bowdler, Vicky Winton, Kate Morse, Joe Dortch and Jane Balme. Editorial



Matthews, J. and L.A. Wallis 2015 ‘Broadcasting, listening and the mysteries of public engagement: an investigation of the AAA online audience‘ Australian Archaeology 81:1-11.

Brindley, J. and C. Clarkson 2015 ‘Beyond a suggestive morphology: were Wardaman stone points exclusively spear armatures?Australian Archaeology 81:12-23.

Doelman, T. and G.W.G. Cochrane 2015 ‘A composite model of scraper variation: a case study from the Stud Creek catchment, northwest NSW‘ Australian Archaeology 81:24-34.

Maloney, T., Wood, R., O’Connor, S. and R. Whitau 2015 ‘Direct dating of resin hafted point technology in Australia‘ Australian Archaeology 81:35-43.

McNiven, I.J., Crouch, J., Richards, T., Sniderman, K., Dolby, N. and Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation 2015 ‘Phased redevelopment of an ancient Gunditjmara fish trap over the past 800 years: Muldoons Trap Complex, Lake Condah, southwestern Victoria‘ Australian Archaeology 81:-44-58.


Thesis Abstracts

Colwell-Pasch, C. 2015 From shipyard to seabed: a multiphasic vessel biography of “Leven Lass” [1839–1854]Australian Archaeology 81:S59

Davison, L. 2015 Picking up the pieces: the story of a shipwreck. Australian Archaeology 81:S59

Fowler, M.E. 2015 Giving a name to a place: shipwrecks in Port MacDonnell, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 81:S60

Huntley, J. 2015 Messages in paint: an archaeometric analysis of pigment use in Aboriginal Australia focusing on the production of rock artAustralian Archaeology 81:S60

Fowler, M.E. 2015 ‘Now, are you going to believe this or not?’ Addressing neglected narratives through the maritime cultural landscape of Point Pearce Aboriginal Mission/Burgiyana, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 81:S61

Jordon, C.M. 2015 Here, there and everywear: development of provenance technique for mother of pearl buttons. Australian Archaeology 81:S62

Raupp, J.T. 2015 “And so ends this day’s work”: industrial perspectives on early nineteenth-century American whaleships wrecked in the northwestern Hawaiian IslandsAustralian Archaeology 81:S62

Smith, M. 2015 Experimental exploration of ‘intent’ in early hominin stone flaking: the Levallois methodAustralian Archaeology 81:S63

Straiton, P. 2015 1, 2, 3, 4, I believe I thought I saw: a preliminary examination of Normanville BeachAustralian Archaeology 81:S63


Mott, D. and C. Nobbs 2015 Obituary: Margaret Felstead Nobbs (1925-2014).  Australian Archaeology 81:s64.