Volume 80 (June 2015)

Heather Burke and Lynley A. Wallis. Editorial



Wesley, D. and M. Litster 2015 ‘Small, individually nondescript, and easily overlooked’: Contact beads from rockshelters in the Wellington Range, north western Arnhem LandAustralian Archaeology 80:1-16.

Stevenson, J., S. Brockwell, C. Rowe, U. Proske and J. Shiner 2015 The palaeoenvironmental history of Big Willum Swamp, Weipa: An environmental context for the archaeological recordAustralian Archaeology 80:17-31.

Roberts, A., I. Campbell, A. Pring, G. Bell, A. Watchman, R.S. Popelka-Filcoff, C.E. Lenehan, C.T. Gibson, N. Franklin and the Mannum Aboriginal Community Association Inc 2015 A multidisciplinary investigation of a rock coating at Ngaut Ngaut (Devons Downs), South Australia. Australian Archaeology 80:32-39.

Welch, D. 2015 Thy Thylacoleo is a thylacineAustralian Archaeology 80:40-47.

Tasire, A. and I. Davidson 2015 A fine-grained analysis of the macropod motif in the rock art of the Sydney region, Australia. Australian Archaeology 80:48-59.

Low, M.A. 2015 Investigating standardisation in the form of backed artefacts at two sites in the Hunter Valley, NSW, AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 80:60-69.

Smith, M. E. Hayes and B. Stephenson 2015 Mapping a millstone: The dynamics of use-wear and residues on a Central Australian seed-grinding implementAustralian Archaeology 80:70-79.

Guilfoyle, D.R. and M.B. Mitchell 2015 Compliance-based archaeological heritage management and place0-based participatory mapping for negotiated outcomesAustralian Archaeology 80:80-90.

Buhrich, A., A. Ferrier and G. Grimwade 2015 Attributes, preservation and management of dendroglyphs from the Wet Tropics rainforest of northeast AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 80:91-98.

Short Reports

Monks, C., B. Sheppard and J. Dortch 2015 Mid-Holocene exploration of marine molluscs in the lower Mid West, Western AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 80:99-103.

Shine, D., M. Marshall, D. Wright, T. Denham, P. Hiscock, G. Jacobsen and S-P. Stephens 2015 The archaeology of Bindjarran rockshelter in Manilikarr Country, Kakadu National Park, Northern TerritoryAustralian Archaeology 80:104-111.

Szabo, K., B. Koppel, M.W. Moore, I. Young, M. Tighe and M.J. Morwood 2015 The Brremangurey pearl: A 2000 year old archaeological find from the coastal Kimberley, Western AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 80:112-115.


Mackay, R. 2015 Obituary: James Semple Kerr (1932-2014)Australian Archaeology 80:116-117.

Thesis Abstracts (available online)

Bennett, K. 2015 Rich Pickings: Abandoned Vessel Material Reuse on Rangitoto Island, New Zealand. Australian Archaeology 80:S125

Body, T. 2015 The Law of the Sea: How Ratifying the UNESCO Convention Will Affect Underwater Cultural Heritage Management in AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 80:S126

Boman, J.M. 2015 Undressing the Past: A Study of the Correlation between Waistcoat Design and Broad Sociocultural Trends of Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 80:S127.

Brealey, A. 2015 Socioeconomic Status in Nineteenth Century Diet at the Rocks, Sydney, Australia: The Effects of Government Regulation and InstitutionalisationAustralian Archaeology 80:S128.

Garamszegi, A. 2015 ‘Inland’ versus ‘Coastal’: An Analysis of Archaeological Shell Remains to Determine Habitat Exploitation Patterns at Edubu 2, South Coast of Papua New GuineaAustralian Archaeology 80:S129.

Livingston, C. 2015 Who Were the People of Ancient Vilabouly? Exploring Origins and Relationships though the Study of GeAustralian Archaeology 80:S130.

Lowe, K.M. 2015 Understanding Australia’s Cultural History through Archaeological GeophysicsAustralian Archaeology 80:S131.

Nelson, A. 2015 Communicating Cultural Complexity: The Interpretation of a Physically Impacted Aboriginal Shell Midden at Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, QueenslandAustralian Archaeology 80:S132.

Romano, B. 2015 What You Lookin’ At?: An Archaeological Analysis of Graffiti and Inscription at Fremantle PrisonAustralian Archaeology 80:S133.

Terry, L. 2015 A Woman’s Place … : An Historical Archaeological Investigation of Identity and Power on the Nineteenth Century Pastoral Landscape of Southeast QueenslandAustralian Archaeology 80:S134.

Weisse, A. 2015 Understanding a Contested Heritage PlaceAustralian Archaeology 80:S135.

Aird, S. 2015 Assessing Mid- to Late Holocene Predation of Conomurex luhuanus and Tectus niloticus at Lizard Island, Northeastern AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 80:S136.

Dilkes-Hall, I.E. 2015 An Archaeobotanical Analysis of Macrobotanical Remains at Riwi Cave in the South-Central Kimberley Region, WAAustralian Archaeology 80:S137.

Haast, A. 2015 The Economic Impact of Convict Transportation on the WA Economy 1850-1900: An Archaeological InvestigationAustralian Archaeology 80:S138.

Rehn, E. 2015 An Analysis of the Risk Hypothesis and its Application to Hunter-Gatherer Toolkits Using an Australian DatasetAustralian Archaeology 80:S139.

Stevens, M.V. 2015 Cultural Competition: A Darwinian View of Cultural Evolution as it Applies to the Early Development and Interaction Between Rome and EtruriaAustralian Archaeology 80:S140.

Stewart, T. 2015 Disembodied and Displaced: An Archaeological Enquiry into the Historical Colonial South Trade of Indigenous Human Remains and Artefacts, and the Contemporary Repatriation and Rehumanisation of Indigenous Australians from South AfricaAustralian Archaeology 80:S141.

Book Reviews (available online)


Bird, D. 2015 Review of ‘First Footprints: The Epic Story of the First Australians’ by Soctt CaneAustralian Archaeology 80:S142-S144.

Kay, E. 2015 Review of ‘Historical Archaeologies of Cognition: Explorations into Faith, Hope and Charity’ edited by James Symonds, Anna Badcock and Jeff OliverAustralian Archaeology 80:S145-S146.

Davidson, I. 2015 Review of ‘The Science of Human Origins’ by Claudio Tuniz, Giorgio Manzi and David CaramelliAustralian Archaeology 80:S147-S148.

Field, J. 2015 Review of ‘Australia’s Fossil Heritage: A Catalogue of Important Australian Fossil Sites’ by the Australian Heritage CouncilAustralian Archaeology 80:S149.

Ross, J. 2015 Review of ‘Art and Archaeology: Collaborations, Conservations, Criticisms’ edited by Ian Alden Russell and Andrew CochraneAustralian Archaeology 80:S150-S151.

Mulvaney, K. 2015 Review of ‘A Companion to Rock Art’ edited by Jo McDonald and Peter VethAustralian Archaeology 80:S152.

Ouzman, S. 2015 Review of ‘Working with Rock Art: Recording, Presenting and Understanding Rock Art Using Indigenous Knowledge’ edited by Benjamin Smith, Knut Helskog and David MorrisAustralian Archaeology 80:S153-S154.

Giblin, J. 2015 Review of ‘The Death of Prehistory’ edited by Peter Schmidt and Stephen MrozowskiAustralian Archaeology 80:S155-S156.

Lilley, I. 2015 Review of ‘Archaeological Dimensions of World Heritage: From Prevention to Social Implications’ edited by Alicia CastilloAustralian Archaeology 80:S157-S158.

Piddock, S. 2015 Review of ‘An Archaeology of Institutional Confinement. The Hyde Park Barracks, 1848-1886’ by Peter Davies, Penny Crook and Tim MurrayAustralian Archaeology 80:S159-S160.