Volume 79 (December 2014)

Heather Burke and Lynley A. Wallis. Editorial


Morrison, M. 2014 Chronological trends in late Holocene shell mound construction across northern Australia: Insights from Albatross Bay, Cape York Peninsula. Australian Archaeology 79.

Wesley, D., T. Jones, S. O’Connor and W.R. Dickinson 2014 Earthenware of Anuru Bay: A reassessment of potsherds from a Maassan trepang processing site, Arnhem Land, Australia, and implications for Macassan trade and the trepang industryAustralian Archaeology 79.

Tuechler, A., A. Ferrier and R. Cosgrove 2014 Transforming the inedible to the edible: An analysis of the nutritional returns from Aboriginal nut processing in Queensland’s Wet TropicsAustralian Archaeology 79.

Hughes, P., N. Spooner and D. Questiaux 2014 Landscape history in the Hunter Valley, NSW: Why there is a multitude of Holocene archaeological sites, but so few Pleistocene sitesAustralian Archaeology 79.

Owen, T.D. and F.D. Pate 2014 A Kaurna burial, Salisbury, South Australia: Further evidence for complex late Holocene Aboriginal social systems in the Adelaide regionAustralian Archaeology 79.

Derricourt, R. 2014 The making of a radical archaeologist: The early years of Vere Gordon ChildeAustralian Archaeology 79.

Franklin, N. 2014 Monitoring change at Indigenous rock art sites in AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 79.

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