Volume 77 (December 2013)

Heather Burke and Lynley Wallis. Editorial


Torrence, R., J.P. White and N. Kononenko 2013 Meaningful stones: Obsidian stemmed tools from Barema, New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Australian Archaeology 77:1–8.

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Littleton, J., K. Walshe and J. Hodges 2013 Burials and time at Gillman Mound, northern Adelaide, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 77:38–51.

van Duivenvoorde, W., M.E. Polzer and P.J. Downes 2013 Hoaxes and folklore: Inscriptions associated with the Vergulde Draak (1656) and Zuiddorp (1712) shipwrecking events. Australian Archaeology 77:52–65.

McDonald, J. and P. Veth 2013 Rock art in arid landscapes: Pilbara and Western Desert petroglyphs. Australian Archaeology 77:66–81.

Ash, J., P. Faulkner, L.M. Brady and C. Rowe 2013 Morphometric reconstructions and size variability analysis of the surf clam, Atactodea (=Paphies) striata, from Muralag 8, southwestern Torres Strait, northern Australia. Australian Archaeology 77:82–93.

Byrne (nee Taylor), C., E. Dotte-Sarout and V. Winton 2013 Charcoals as indicators of ancient tree and fuel strategies: An application of anthracology in the Australian Midwest. Australian Archaeology 77:94–106.

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Fairbairn, A., A. Ross, S. Ulm, S. Nichols and P. Faulkner 2013 Keeping Country: A web-based approach to Indigenous outreach in cultural heritage management. Australian Archaeology 77:127–134.

Short Reports

Cochrane, G.W.G. and T. Doelman 2013 Ventrally thinned flakes from south central Queensland: Are they related to bifacial points? Australian Archaeology 77:135–140.

St George, C., L.A. Wallis, B. Keys, C. Wilson, D. Wright, S. Fallon, M. Sumner, S. Hemming and the Ngarrindjeri Heritage Committee 2013 Radiocarbon dates for coastal midden sites at Long Point in the Coorong, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 77:141–147.

Book Reviews

Thesis Abstracts


Godwin, L. and S. Loste-Browne 2013 Obituary: Mike Morwood (1950–2013). Australian Archaeology 77:156–158.