Volume 76 (June 2013)

Heather Burke and Lynley Wallis. Editorial


Tuffin, R. 2013 Australia’s industrious convicts: A reappraisal of archaeological approaches to convict labour. Australian Archaeology 76:1–12.

Gonzalez, A., G. Clark, S. O’Connor and L. Matisoo-Smith 2013 A 3000 year old dog burial in Timor-Leste. Australian Archaeology 76:13–20.

Brockwell, S., B. Marwick, P. Bourke, P. Faulkner and R. Willan 2013 Late Holocene climate change and human behavioural variability in the coastal wet-dry tropics of northern Australia: Evidence from a pilot study of oxygen isotopes in marine bivalve shells from archaeological sites. Australian Archaeology 76:21–33.

Ulm, S., G. Mate, C. Dalley and S. Nichols 2013 A working profile: The changing face of professional archaeology in Australia. Australian Archaeology 76:34–43.

Cosgrove, R., D. Frankel and D. Thomas 2013 From the moat to the Murray: Teaching practical archaeology at La Trobe University, Australia. Australian Archaeology 76:44–51.

Wallis, L.A., H. Burke and A.C. Gorman 2013 The opportunities and challenges of graduate level teaching in cultural heritage management. Australian Archaeology 76:52–61.

Ross, A., S. Ulm and B. Tobane 2013 Gummingurru—A community archaeology knowledge journey. Australian Archaeology 76:62–68.


Short Reports

Shine, D., D. Wright, T. Denham, K. Aplin, P. Hiscock, K. Parker and R. Walton 2013 Birriwilk rockshelter: A mid- to late Holocene site in Manilikarr Country, southwest Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Australian Archaeology 76:69–78.

Wright, D. and G. Jacobsen 2013 Further radiocarbon dates from Dabangay, a mid- to late Holocene settlement site in western Torres Strait. Australian Archaeology 76:79–83.

Westaway, M.C., M.L. Cupper, H. Johnston and I. Graham 2013 The Willandra Fossil Trackway: Assessment of ground penetrating radar survey results and additional OSL dating at a unique Australian site. Australian Archaeology 76:84–89.

Book Reviews

Thesis Abstracts

Basiaco, A. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Niche Construction Theory and the Investigation of Late Palaeolithic Broad-Spectrum Diets‘. Australian Archaeology 76:95.

Bland, C. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘A Technological and Functional Analysis of the Stone Artefacts From Ngaut Nguat (Devon Downs), SA‘. Australian Archaeology 76:95.

Carr, A. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘An Investigation of Lithic Utilisation in the ‘Dry Country’ Region of Far Northeast Queensland‘. Australian Archaeology 76:95–96.

Gardner, C. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Speaking Stones: The Archaeological Study of Churches in Colonial NSW, Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 76:96.

Hammer, R. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Is it True, Your Honour, that I Sha’nt be Allowed no ‘Bacca’: Convicts, Clay Pipes and the Archaeology of the Tobacco Black Market Economy at Port Arthur, Tasmania, 1840–1870′. Australian Archaeology 76:96–97.

Hinton, J. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Life in a Shell. Using Archaeological Shell Assemblages for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction: Preliminary Isotope Aanalysis of Polymesoda (Geloina) coaxans (Gmelin, 1791) from Bentinck Island, Gulf of Carpentaria‘. Australian Archaeology 76:97.

Jaworski, M. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Landscape, Art, Artists and Audience: A Spatial Analysis of the Rock Art at Wanmanna, Pilbara, Western Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 76:97.

Long, K.E. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘‘An Ear to the Ground’: Fish Otolith Geochemistry, Environmental Conditions and Human Occupation at Lake Mungo‘. Australian Archaeology 76:97–98.

Mein, E. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Inmate coping strategies in Fremantle Prison, Western Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 76:98.

Morris, C. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Information for the Future: An Analysis of Shipwreck Artefact Records in South Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 76:98.

O’Driscoll, C. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Zooarchaeological Evidence for Projectile Technology in the African Middle Stone Age‘. Australian Archaeology 76:98.

Piotto, E. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Understanding Choice: Aboriginal Law and Decision-Making in the Selection of Rocks for a Stone Arrangement‘. Australian Archaeology 76:989–99.

Rosendahl, D. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘The Way it Changes Like the Shoreline and the Sea: The Archaeology of the Sandalwood River, Mornington Island, southeast Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 76:99.

Taylor, C.K-A. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Charcoals as Indicators of Ancient Trees and Fuel Strategies: An Application of Anthracology in the Australian Midwest‘. Australian Archaeology 76:100.

Tisdall, T. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘The Yoke of Colonialism: An Exploration of the Research Relationship between Tarby Mason and Norman Tindale‘. Australian Archaeology 76:100.

Twaddle, J. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Testing the Viability of Low-Magnification Use-Wear Analysis at Two Case Study Sites in the Midwest Region, Western Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 76:100–101.

Walton, R.C. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Sucking the Shell Beds Dry? The Morphometric Analysis of Oyster (Saccostrea glomerata), Cockle (Anadara trapezia) and Whelk (Pyrazus ebeninus) to Interpret the Intensity of Human Exploitation of Molluscs at the Sandstone Point Shell Midden Complex, Southeast Queensland‘. Australian Archaeology 76:101.

Wong, C. 2013 Thesis abstract ‘Getting to the Point: A Regional Comparison of Stone Point Technology Across Northern Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 76:101.



Williams A.N. and M.A. Smith 2013 AustArch3: A database of 14C and luminescence ages from archaeological sites in southern Australia. Australian Archaeology 76:102.