Volume 71 (December 2010)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial.


Tacon, P.S.C., S.K. May, S.J. Fallon, M. Travers, D. Guse and R. Lamilami 2010 A minimum age for early depictions of Southeast Asian praus in the rock art of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Australian Archaeology 71:1-10.

Gunn, R.G., R.L. Whear and L.C. Douglas 2010 A dingo burial from the Arnhem Land Plateau. Australian Archaeology 71:11-16.

Cole, N. 2010 Painting the police: Aboriginal visual culture and identity in colonial Cape York Peninsula. Australian Archaeology 71:17-28.

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McNiven, I.J., B. David, K. Aplin, M. Pivoru, W.Pivoru, A. Sexton, J. Brown, C. Clarkson, K. Connell, J. Stanisic, M. Weisler, S. Haberle, A. Fairbairn and N. Kemp 2010 Historicising the present: Late Holocene emergence of a rainforest hunting camp, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. Australian Archaeology 71:41-56.

May, S.K., P.S.C. Tacon, D. Guse and M. Travers 2010 Painting history: Indigenous observations and depictions of the ‘Other’ in northwestern Arnhem Land, Australia. Australian Archaeology 71:57-65.

Short Reports

Geneste, J-M., B. David, H. Plisson, C. Clarkson, J-J. Delannoy and F. Petchey 2010 Earliest evidence for ground-edge axes: 35,400±410 cal BP from Jawoyn Country, Arnhem Land. Australian Archaeology 71:66-69.

Langley, M.C. and P.S.C. Tacon 2010 The age of Australian rock art: A review. Australian Archaeology 71:70-73.

Brown, S. 2010 Buggering around in the backyard: Creating attachment to place through archaeology and material culture. Australian Archaeology 71:74-78.

Book Reviews

Crosby, E. 2010 Review of ‘Roonka: Fugitive Traces and Climatic Mischief’ edited by Keryn Walshe. Australian Archaeology 71:79.

Frankel, D. 2010. Review of ‘Archaeological Investigation’ by Martin Carver. Australian Archaeology 71:80.

Godwin, L. 2010 Review of ‘The Politics of Suffering: Indigenous Australia and the End of the Liberal Consensus’ by Peter Sutton. Australian Archaeology 71:81-83.

King, T.F. 2010 Review of ‘Managing Archaeological Resources: Global Context, National Programs, Local Actions’ edited by Francis P. McManamon, Andrew Stout and Jodi A. Barnes. Australian Archaeology 71:84-85.

White, J. 2010 Review of ‘Arrernte Present, Arrernte Past: Invasion, Violence, and Imagination in Indigenous Central Australia’ by Diane Austin-Broos. Australian Archaeology 71:85-86.

Thesis Abstracts


Lees, E. 2010 Rock art and modified tree tracings digitisation: Background, sites, issues and access. Australian Archaeology 71:89-92.