Volume 70 (June 2010)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial.


Hewitt, G. and J. Allen 2010 Site disturbance and archaeological integrity: The case of Bend Road, an open site in Melbourne spanning pre-LGM Pleistocene to late Holocene periods. Australian Archaeology 70:1-16.

Kononenko, N., J. Specht and R. Torrence 2010 Persistent traditions in the face of natural disasters: Stemmed and waisted stone tools in late Holocene New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Australian Archaeology 70:17-28.

White, B. and J. McDonald 2010 Lithic artefact distribution in the Rouse Hill Development Area, Cumberland Plain, New South Wales. Australian Archaeology 70:29-38.

David, B., J-M. Geneste, K. Aplin, J-J. Delannoy, N. Araho, C. Clarkson, K. Connell, S. Haberle, B. Barker, L. Lamb, J. Stanisic, A. Fairbairn, R. Skelly and C. Rowe 2010 The Emo Site (OAC), Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea: Resolving long-standing questions of antiquity and implications for the history of the ancestral hiri maritime trade. Australian Archaeology 70:39-54.

Grounds, S. and A. Ross 2010 Constant resurrection: The Trihybrid Model and the politicisation of Australian archaeology. Australian Archaeology 70:55-67.

Short Reports

Law, W.B., D.N. Cropper and F. Petchey 2010 Djadjiling Rockshelter: 35,000 14C years of Aboriginal occupation in the Pilbara, Western Australia. Australian Archaeology 70:68-71.

Book Reviews

Aldhouse-Green, M. 2010 Review of ‘Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination’ by Karin Sanders. Australian Archaeology 70:72-73.

de Leiuen, C. 2010 Review of ‘Gunyah, Goondie and Wurley: The Aboriginal Architecture of Australia’ by Paul Memmott. Australian Archaeology 70:73-74.

Littleton, J. 2010 Review of ‘Handbook of Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology’ edited by Soren Blau and Douglas UbelakerAustralian Archaeology 70:74-75.

Lourandos, H. 2010 Review of ‘Australia and the Origins of Agriculture’ by Rupert Gerritsen. Australian Archaeology 70:75-77.

Milledge Nelson, S. 2010 Review of ‘Surface Collection: Archaeological Travels in Southeast Asia’ by Denis Byrne. Australian Archaeology 70:77-78.

Shott, M.J. 2010 Review of ‘Measured on Stone: Stone Artefact Reduction, Residential Mobility and Aboriginal Land Use in Arid Central Australia’ by W. Boone Law. Australian Archaeology 70:78-80.

Thesis Abstracts

Clarkson, M. 2010 Thesis abstract ‘The Long and Short of it: Leg Length, Aggression and the Evolution of the Human Mind‘. Australian Archaeology 70:81.

Disspain, M. 2010 Thesis abstract ‘Using Archaeological Otoliths to Determine Palaeoenvironmental Change and Ngarrindjeri Resource Use in the Coorong and Lower Murray, South Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 70:81-82.

Ford, A. 2010 Thesis abstract ‘Stone Tool Production-Distribution Systems During the Early Bronze Age at Huizui, China‘. Australian Archaeology 70:82.

Langley, M.C. 2010 Thesis abstract ‘Material Culture and Behaviour in Pleistocene Sahul: Examining the Archaeological Representation of Pleistocene Behavioural Modernity in Sahul‘. Australian Archaeology 70:82-83.

Lee, K. 2010 Thesis abstract ‘Bones of Contention: An Analysis of Jawbones of Extinct Macropods from Lancefield Swamp, Victoria‘. Australian Archaeology 70:83.

Marshallsay, J. 2010 Thesis abstract ‘The Section Drawing and Australian Archaeological Practice‘. Australian Archaeology 70:83.

Morrison, M.J. 2010 Thesis abstract ‘The Shell Mounds of Albatross Bay: An Archaeological Investigation of Late Holocene Production Strategies near Weipa, North Eastern Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 70:83-84.

Rossi, A. 2010 Thesis abstract ‘An Archaeological Re-Investigation of the Mulka’s Cave Aboriginal Rock Art Site, near Hyden, Southwestern Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 70:84.

Comments and Replies

Tuniz, C., R. Gillespie and C. Jones 2010 Comment on Iain Davidson’s review of The Bone Readers. Australian Archaeology 70:85.

Davidson, I. 2010 Reply. Australian Archaeology 70:85-86.

Bednarik, R.G., G. Andrews, S. Cameron, P.C. Sims, C. Williams and E. Bednarik 2010 The elusive Meenamatta petroglyphs Tasmania: Comment on Jo Field’s and Peter D. McIntosh’s ‘A re-evalution of ‘petrolyphs’ on Blue Tier, northeast Tasmania’. Australian Archaeology 70:86-87.

Field, J. and P.D. McIntosh 2010 Reply. Australian Archaeology 70:87-88.