Volume 69 (December 2009)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial.


P. Veth, M.A. Smith, J. Bowler, K.E. Fitzsimmons, A. Williams and P. Hiscock 2009 Excavations at Parnkupirti, Lake Gregory, Great Sandy Desert: OSL Ages for occupation before the Last Glacial Maximum. Australian Archaeology 69:1–10.

Field, J. and P. McIntosh 2009 A re-evaluation of ‘petroglyphs’ on Blue Tier, northeast Tasmania. Australian Archaeology 69:11–20.

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Mullen, D. and P. Birt 2009 Modernity and tradition: Considerations of Cornish ethnicity and its recognition in the archaeological record of a Burra dugout. Australian Archaeology 69:59–67.

Short Reports

Ross, J. and M. Smith 2009 An engraved ‘archaic face’ in the northeastern Simpson Desert. Australian Archaeology 69:68–70.

Wallis, L.A., B. Keys, I. Moffat and S. Fallon 2009 Gledswood Shelter 1: Initial radiocarbon dates from a Pleistocene aged rockshelter site in northwest Queensland. Australian Archaeology 69:71–74.

Book Reviews

Asmussen, B. 2009 Review of ‘What’s Changing: Population Size or Land-Use Patterns’ by Val Attenbrow. Australian Archaeology 69:75–76.

Clarkson, C. 2009 Review of ‘Australia’s Eastern Regional Sequence Revisited: Technology and Change at Capertee 3’ by Peter Hiscock and Val Attenbrow. Australian Archaeology 69:76–77.

Davidson, I. 2009 Review of ‘The Bone Readers’ by Claudio Tuniz, Richard Gillespie and Cheryl Jones. Australian Archaeology 69:77–78.

Gibbs, M. 2009 Review of ‘Archaeology to Delight and Instruct: Active Learning in the University Classroom’ edited by Heather Burke and Claire Smith. Australian Archaeology 69:78–79.

Godwin, L. 2009 Review of ‘The Roth Family, Anthropology and Colonial Administration’ edited by Russell McDougall and Iain Davidson. Australian Archaeology 69:80–81.

Lennon, J. 2009 Review of ‘A Critical Exploration of Frameworks for Assessing Significance of New Zealand’s Historic Heritage’ by Sara Donaghey. Australian Archaeology 69:81–82.

Marwick, B. 2009 Review of ‘Place as Occupational History: An Investigation of the Deflated Surface Archaeological Record of Pine Point and Langwell Stations, Western New South Wales, Australia’ by Justin Shiner. Australian Archaeology 69:82.

Ross, J. 2009 Review of ‘Aesthetics and Rock Art III Symposium’ edited by Thomas Heyd and John Clegg. Australian Archaeology 69:83–84.

Roberts, A. 2009 Review of ‘Heritage, Communities and Archaeology’ by Laurajane Smith and Emma Waterton. Australian Archaeology 69:84–85.

Rothschild, N. 2009 Review of ‘The Lost Legions: Culture Contact in Colonial Australia’ by Alistair Paterson. Australian Archaeology 69:85.

Rowland, M.J. 2009 Review of ‘Climate Change: The Science, Impacts and Solutions’ by A. Barrie Pittock. Australian Archaeology 69:85–87.

Shiner, J. 2009 Review of ‘Time to Quarry: The Archaeology of Stone Procurement in Northwestern New South Wales, Australia’ by Trudy Doelman. Australian Archaeology 69:87–88.

Westway, M.C. 2009 Review of ‘The Makers and Making of Indigenous Australian Museum Collections’ edited by Nicolas Peterson, Lindy Allen and Louise Hamby. Australian Archaeology 69:88–90.

Thesis Abstracts

Bender, C.C. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Rock of Ages: Stoneyfell Quarry: An Archaeological Investigation Into Stonyfell Quarry’s Contribution To A Changing South Australian Landscape‘. Australian Archaeology 69:91.

Johnson, M. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Changing Times, Changing Techniques: The Spatial Analysis of aAn Aboriginal Rock Art Site with a Geographic Information System‘. Australian Archaeology 69:91.

Lewis-Cook, D. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘The Broadbeach Aboriginal Burial Ground: An Analysis of Social Behaviour and Identity‘. Australian Archaeology 69:91–92.

Meara, T. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Politics of the Dead: A Comparative Analysis of Legislative Options for the Reburial of Repatriated Indigenous Human Remains in Southeastern Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 69:92.

Schacht, I. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Determining Research Significance in Archaeological Collections from Historic Sites. Australian Archaeology 69:92–93.

Simmons, A. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘‘Life in a Corridor’: An Archaeological Investigation of the Diamantina Channel Country – A Western Queensland Corridor‘. Australian Archaeology 69:93.

Watson, B. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Universal Visions: Neuroscience and Recurrent Characteristics of World Palaeoart‘. Australian Archaeology 69:93.