Volume 68 (June 2009)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial


Denham, T., J. Atchison, J. Austin, S. Bestel, D. Bowdery, A. Crowther, N. Dolby, A. Fairbairn, J. Field, A. Kennedy, C. Lentfer, C. Matheson, S. Nugent, J. Parr, M. Prebble, G. Robertson, J. Specht, R. Torrence, H. Barton, R. Fullagar, S. Haberle, M. Horrocks, T. Lewis and P. Matthews 2009 Archaeobotany in New Guinea and Australia (ANGA): Practice, potential and prospects. Australian Archaeology 68:1–10.

David, B., N. Araho, B. Barker, A. Kuaso and I. Moffat 2009 Keveoki 1: Exploring the hiri ceramics trade at a short-lived village site near the Vailala River, Papua New Guinea. Australian Archaeology 68:11–22.

Gunn, R.G. 2009 Wooden artefacts from Gariwerd rockshelters, western Victoria. Australian Archaeology 68:12–30.

Bowman, J.K. and S. Ulm 2009 Grants, gender and glass ceilings? An analysis of ARC-funded archaeology projects. Australian Archaeology 68:31–36.

Brooks, A., H-D. Bader, S. Lawrence and J. Lennon 2009 Ploughzone archaeology on an Australian historic site: A case study from south Gippsland, Victoria. Australian Archaeology 68:37–44.

Gibbs, M. and D. Gojak 2009 Remote sensing in an urban Australian setting: An example from Dr H.J. Foley Rest Park, Sydney. Australian Archaeology 68:45–51.

Short Reports

Book Reviews

Bailey, G. 2009 Review of ‘The Archaeology of Montebello Islands, North-West Australia: Late Quaternary Foragers on an Arid Coastline’ by Peter Veth, Ken Aplin, Lynley Wallis, Tiina Manne, Tim Pulsford, Elizabeth White and Alan Chappell. Australian Archaeology 68:59–60.

Davidson, I. 2009 Review of ‘Cave Art: A Guide to the Decorated Ice Age Caves of Europe’ by Paul Bahn. Australian Archaeology 68:60.

Denham, T. 2009 Review of ‘The Origins and Spread of Domestic Plants in Southwest Asia and Europe’ edited by Sue Colledge and James Conolly. Australian Archaeology 68:60–62.

du Cros, H. 2009 Review of ‘Archaeology and the Media’ edited by Timothy Clack and Marcus Brittain. Australian Archaeology 69:62–63.

Fairbairn, A.S. 2009 Review of ‘The Stone Mirror: A Novel of the Neolithic’ by Rob Swigart. Australian Archaeology 68:63–65.

Flood, J. 2009 Review of ‘Mungo over Millennia: The Willandra Landscape and its People’ edited by Helen Lawrence. Australian Archaeology 68:65–66.

Green, M. 2009 Review of ‘The Discovery of the Hobbit: The Scientific Breakthrough that Changed the Face of Human History’ by Mike Morwood and Penny van Oosterzee. Australian Archaeology 68:66–67.

Kirch, P.V. 2009 Review of ‘Oceanic Explorations: Lapita and Western Pacific Settlement’ edited by Stuart Bedford, Christophe Sand and S.P. Connaughton. Australian Archaeology 69:67–69.

Littleton, J. 2009 Review of ‘Salvage Excavation of Human Skeletal Remains at Ocean and Octavia Streets, Narrabeen, Site#45-6-2747’ by Jo McDonald Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd. Australian Archaeology 68:69–70.

Mackay, R. 2009 Review of ‘Sustaining Heritage: Giving the Past a Future’ by Tony Gilmour. Australian Archaeology 68:70.

Nicholas, G. 2009 Review of ‘Digging it Up Down Under: A Practical Guide to Doing Archaeology in Australia’ by Claire Smith and Heather Burke. Australian Archaeology 68:71–72.

Orser Jr, C.E. 2009 Review of ‘Port Essington: The Historical Archaeology of a North Australian Nineteenth-Century Military Outpost’ by Jim Allen. Australian Archaeology 68:72–73.

Potts, D.T. 2009 Review of ‘The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Iraq’ edited by Peter Stone and Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly. Australian Archaeology 68:73–74.

Ryan, L. 2009 Review of ‘The Axe had Never Sounded: Place People and Heritage of Recherche Bay, Tasmania’ by John Mulvaney. Australian Archaeology 68:74–76.

Stuart, I. 2009 Review of ‘A Fearsome Heritage: Diverse Legacies of the Cold War’ edited by John Schofield and Wayne Cocroft. Australian Archaeology 68:76–77.

Taçon, P.S.C. 2009 Review of ‘Rock Art of the Kimberley: Proceedings of the Kimberley Society Rock Art Seminar held at The University of Western Australia, Perth, 10 September 2005’ edited by Mike Donaldson and Kevin Kenneally. Australian Archaeology 68:77.

Weisler, M. 2009 Review of ‘Otoliths of Common Australian Temperate Fish: A Photographic Guide’ by Dianne Furlani, Rosemary Gales and David Pemberton. Australian Archaeology 68:78.

Thesis Abstracts

Boot, P.G. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Didthul, Bhundoo, Gulaga and Wadbilliga: An Archaeological Study of the Aboriginals of the New South Wales Coast Hinterland‘. Australian Archaeology 68:79.

Iacono, N. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Managing the Archaeology of the Modern City‘. Australian Archaeology 68:79.

McGowan, G. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘The Deterioration of Human Remains and Artefacts in the Cemetery Environment‘. Australian Archaeology 68:80.

Quirk, K. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘The Victorians in ‘Paradise’: Gentility as Social Strategy in the Archaeology of Colonial Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 68:80.

Slack, M. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Between the Desert and the Gulf: Evolutionary Anthropology and Aboriginal Prehistory in the Riversleigh/Lawnhill Region, Northern Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 69:81.

van Duivenvoorde, W. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘The Batavia Shipwreck: An Archaeological Study of an Early Seventeenth Century Dutch East Indiaman‘. Australian Archaeology 68:81.

Ward, E.M. 2009 Thesis abstract ‘Alternative Interpretive Landscapes: Representations of Archaeology in Australian Poetry‘. Australian Archaeology 68:81.



Read, D. 2009 Reply to David Frankel’s Review of Artifact Classification: A Conceptual and Methodological Approach. Australian Archaeology 68:98.