Volume 66 (June 2008)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial.


David, B., N. Araho, A. Kuaso, I. Moffat and N. Tapper 2008 The Upihoi find: Wrecked wooden bevaia (lagatoi) hulls of Epemeavo village, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. Australian Archaeology 66:1–14.

McNiven, I.J., J. Crouch, M. Weisler, N. Kemp, L. Clayton Martínez, J. Stanisic, M. Orr, L. Brady, S. Hocknull and W. Boles 2008 Tigershark Rockshelter (Baidamau Mudh): Seascape and settlement reconfigurations on the sacred islet of Pulu, western Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait). Australian Archaeology 66:15–32.

Veth, P., J. McDonald and B. White 2008 Dating of Bush Turkey Rockshelter 3 in the Calvert Ranges establishes early Holocene occupation of the Little Sandy Desert, Western Australia. Australian Archaeology 66:33–44.

Smith, M.A. and J. Ross 2008 Glen Thirsty: The history and archaeology of a desert well. Australian Archaeology 66:45–59.

Short Reports

Book Reviews

Babidge, S. 2008 Review of ‘Renewing Women’s Business: A Documentary’ by Julie Drew and Wardaman Aboriginal Corporation. Australian Archaeology 66:64–65.

Barker, B. 2008 Review of ‘Coastal Themes: An Archaeology of the Southern Curtis Coast, Queensland’ by Sean Ulm. Australian Archaeology 66:65–67.

Cosgrove, R. 2008 Review of ‘The Social Archaeology of Australian Indigenous Societies’ edited by Bruno David, Bryce Barker and Ian J. McNiven. Australian Archaeology 66:67–68.

Edwards, P.C. 2008 Review of ‘Neolithic’ by Susan Foster McCarter. Australian Archaeology 66:68–69.

Fagan, B. 2008 Review of ‘Archaeology of Ancient Australia’ by Peter Hiscock. Australian Archaeology 66:69–70.

Frankel, D. 2008 Review of ‘Artefact Classification: A Conceptual and Methodological Approach’ by Dwight W. Read. Australian Archaeology 66:71–72.

Gibbs, M. 2008 Review of ‘Whalers and Free Men: Life on Tasmania’s Colonial Whaling Stations’ by Susan Lawrence. Australian Archaeology 66:72.

Gojak, D. 2008 Review of ‘Inauthentic Archaeologies: Public Uses and Abuses of the Past’ by Troy Lovata. Australian Archaeology 66:72–74.

Gould, R.A. 2008 Review of ‘Lithics in the Land of the Lightning Brothers: The Archaeology of Wardaman Country, Northern Territory’ by Chris Clarkson. Australian Archaeology 66:74–75.

Hiscock, P. 2008 Review of ‘Box Office Archaeology: Refining Hollywood’s Portrayals of the Past’ edited by Julie M. Schablitsky. Australian Archaeology 66:75–76.

Hook, F. 2008 Review of ‘Salvage Excavation of Six Sites along Caddies, Seconds Ponds, Smalls and Cattai Creeks in the Rouse Hill Development Area, NSW’ by Jo McDonald Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd. Australian Archaeology 66:76.

King, T.F. 2008 Review of ‘Archaeological Theory and the Politics of Cultural Heritage’ by Laurajane Smith. Australian Archaeology 66:77–78.

McNiven, I.J. 2008 Review of ‘The Archaeologist’s Fieldwork Companion’ by Barbara Ann Kipfer. Australian Archaeology 66:78–79.

Murray, T. 2008 Review of ‘Landscapes, Rock Art and the Dreaming: An Archaeology of Preunderstanding’ by Bruno David. Australian Archaeology 66:79–81.

Paterson, A. 2008 Review of ‘A Companion to Social Archaeology’ edited by Lynn Meskell and Robert W. Preucel. Australian Archaeology 66:81–82.


Thesis Abstracts

Brooke, J.A. 2008 Thesis abstract ‘Re-Evaluating the Australian Small-Tool Tradition: A Perspective from Hazelwood, Victoria‘.  Australian Archaeology 66:83.

Burch, J. 2008 Thesis abstract ‘An Analysis of Flaked Stone Artefacts from Kutikina Cave, Southwest Tasmania, Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 66:83.

Doyle, B. 2008 Thesis abstract ‘Walking between Two Paradigms‘. Australian Archaeology 66:83–84.

Haslam, M. 2008 Thesis abstract ‘Archaeological Residue and Starch Analysis: Interpretation and Taphonomy‘. Australian Archaeology 66:84.

Roberts, P. 2008 Thesis abstract ‘Gold Fever: Disease and its Cultural Relationship: A Case Study on the Development of the Colony of Victoria, 1850 to 1900‘. Australian Archaeology 66:84–85.

Sprenger, N. 2008 Thesis abstract ‘The Rise and Demise of Patent Medicine Abortifacients and their Influence on the Agency of Victorian Women‘. Australian Archaeology 66:85.

Wiltshire, K.D. 2008 Thesis abstract ‘Unfinished Business: The Lower Murray Lakes Archaeological Study within an Historical and Political Context‘. Australian Archaeology 66:85.



Williams, A.N., M.A. Williams, C.S.M. Turney and M.L. Cupper 2008 AustArch1: A database of 14C and luminescence ages from archaeological sites in the Australian arid zone. Australian Archaeology 66:99.