Volume 64 (June 2007)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial.


Fairbairn, A. 2007 Seeds from the slums: Archaeobotanical investigations at Mountain Street, Ultimo, Sydney, New South Wales. Australian Archaeology 64:1–8.

Barker, B. 2007 Massacre, frontier conflict and Australian archaeology. Australian Archaeology 64:9–14.

O’Connor, S., L. Zell and A. Barham 2007 Stone constructions on Rankin Island, Kimberley, Western Australia. Australian Archaeology 64:15–22.

Akerman, K. 2007 To make a point: Ethnographic reality and the ethnographic and experimental replication of Australian macroblades known as leilira. Australian Archaeology 64:23–34.

Shiner, J., S. Holdaway, H. Allen and P. Fanning 2007 Burkes Cave and flaked stone assemblage variability in western New South Wales, Australia. Australian Archaeology 64:35–45.

Short Reports

Irish, P. 2007 Bundeena bling? Possible Aboriginal shell adornments from southern Sydney. Australian Archaeology 64:46–49.

Smith, M.A. and J. Ross 2007 A reinvestigation of the archaeology of Geosurveys Hill, northern Simpson Desert. Australian Archaeology 64:50–52.

Book Reviews

Barker, B. 2007 Review of ‘Shamans, Sorcerers and Saints: A Prehistory of Religion’ by Brian Hayden. Australian Archaeology 64:53.

Fairbairn, A. 2007 Review of ‘The Goddess and the Bull: Catalhoyuk: An Archaeological Journey to the Dawn of Civilisation’ by Michael Balter. Australian Archaeology 64:54–56.

Franklin, N.R. 2007 Review of ‘Introduction to Rock Art Research’ by David S. Whitley. Australian Archaeology 64:56–57.

Gibbs, M. 2007 Review of ‘Many Exchanges: Archaeology, History, Community and the Work of Isabel McBryde’ edited by Ingereth Macfarlane with Mary-Jane Mountain and Robert Paton. Australian Archaeology 64:57–58.

Murphy, K. 2007 Review of ‘Writing Archaeology: Telling Stories about the Past’ by Brian Fagan. Australian Archaeology 64:58–59.

Tacon, P.S.C. 2007 Review of ‘Australian Apocalypse: The Story of Australia’s Greatest Cultural Monument’ by Robert G. Bednarik. Australian Archaeology 64:59–60.

Thesis Abstracts

Arthur, D. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘The Social Meaning of Classical Style Public Architecture in Adelaide in the Nineteenth Century‘. Australian Archaeology 64:61.

Kaskadanis, C. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Examining Variation between North and Northwestern Tasmanian Stone Artefact Assemblages: A Comparative Study of the Armistead Property and Rocky Cape‘. Australian Archaeology 64:61.

Murphy, K. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Under the Boards: The Study of Archaeological Site Formation Processes at the Commissariat Store Site, Brisbane‘. Australian Archaeology 64:61–62.

North, M. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Protecting the Past for the Public Good: Archaeology and Australian Heritage Law‘. Australian Archaeology 64:62.

Watson, B. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Cognitive Development and Symbolism in the Pre-Upper Palaeolithic‘. Australian Archaeology 64:62.


Roberts, A. 2007 Richard John Hunter (1946–2006). Australian Archaeology 64:63.