Volume 63 (December 2006)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial.


Sneddon, A. 2006 Seeing slums through rose-coloured glasses: The Mountain Street Site, Sydney and its limitations in the search for vanished slum communities. Australian Archaeology 63:1–8.

Field, J.H. 2006 Trampling through the Pleistocene: Does taphonomy matter at Cuddie Springs? Australian Archaeology 63:9–20.

David, B. and M. Weisler 2006 Kurturniaiak (Badu) and the archaeology of villages in Torres Strait. Australian Archaeology 63:21–34.

Nichols, S. 2006 Out of the box: Popular notions of archaeology in documentary programs on Australian television. Australian Archaeology 63:35–46.

Brockwell, S. 2006 Earth mounds in northern Australia. Australian Archaeology 63:47–56.


Short Reports

Ulm, S. 2006 Australian marine reservoir effects: A guide to ΔR values. Australian Archaeology 63:57–60.


Book Reviews

Boyd, B. 2006 Review of ‘Archaeology of Asia’ edited by Miriam T. Stark. Australian Archaeology 63:61.

Fullagar, R. 2006 Review of ‘Archaeology of Oceania: Australia and the Pacific Islands’ edited by Ian Lilley. Australian Archaeology 63:62–63.

Kahn, J.G. 2006 Review of ‘Pieces of the Vanuatu Puzzle: Archaeology of the North, South and Centre’ by Stuart Bedford. Australian Archaeology 63:63–64.

McNiven, I. 2006 Review of ‘Lithics Down Under: Australian Perspectives on Lithic Reduction, Use and Classification’ edited by Chris Clarkson and Lara Lamb. Australian Archaeology 63:64–65.

Pocock, C. 2006 Review of ‘Object Lessons: Archaeology and Heritage in Australia’ edited by Jane Lydon and Tracey Ireland. Australian Archaeology 63:65–67.

Rosendahl, D. 2006 Review of ‘The Archaeology of the Aru Islands, Eastern Indonesia’ edited by Sue O’Connor, Matthew Spriggs and Peter Veth. Australian Archaeology 63:67–68.

Veth, P. 2006 Review of ‘Aboriginal Economy and Society: Australia at the Threshold of Colonisation’ by Ian Keen. Australian Archaeology 63:68–69.

Ridges, M. 2006 Review of ‘Nonlinear Models for Archaeology and Anthropology: Continuing the Revolution’ edited by Christopher S. Beekman and William W. Baden. Australian Archaeology 63:69–70.

Thesis Abstracts

Brady, L. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Painting Patterns: Torres Strait Region Rock Art, Northeast Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 63:71.

Chandler, J. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Chinese Sojourners in Victoria: A Collection of Artefacts from the Upper Ovens Goldfields‘. Australian Archaeology 63:71.

Davies, N. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Archaeology in Senior Schools: Perceptions and Possibilities‘. Australian Archaeology 63:71–72.

Garrett, B.L. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘History Submerged: A Legacy of Modernity‘. Australian Archaeology 63:72.

Guse, D.L. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Our Home Our Country: A Case Study of Law, Land and Indigenous Cultural Heritage in the Northern Territory, Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 63:72.

Gilman, J. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘US Salvage Law as Applied to Historic Shipwrecks: A Critique and Australian Case Study‘. Australian Archaeology 63:72–73.

Irish, P. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Part Past, Part Fiction: Being a Contribution to Mesolithic Shell Midden Research in Denmark Using Information from Aboriginal Australia. Australian Archaeology 63:73.

Lamb, L. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Rock of Ages: Use of the South Molle Island Quarry, Whitsunday Islands, and the Implications for Holocene Technological Change in Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 63:73.

May, S.K. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Karrikajurren: Creating Community with an Art Centre in Aboriginal Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 63:74.

Mialanes, J. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘50,000 Years of Occupation at Ngarrabullgan (Southeast Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland): The Stone Artefact Technological Evidence‘. Australian Archaeology 63:74.

Rains, K. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Intersections: The Overseas Chinese Social Landscape of Cooktown 1873–1935‘. Australian Archaeology 63:75.

Wright, D. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘The Archaeology of Aulong Island and the Colonisation of Palau‘. Australian Archaeology 63:75.