Volume 62 (June 2006)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial.


McNiven, I. 2006 Dauan 4 and the emergence of ethnographically-known social arrangement across Torres Strait during the last 600–800 years. Australian Archaeology 62:1–12.

Smith, C. and H. Burke 2006 Glass ceilings, glass parasols and Australian academic archaeology. Australian Archaeology 62:13–25.

Tibbett, K. 2006 When east is northwest: Expanding the archaeological boundary for leilira blade production. Australian Archaeology 62:26–30.

Struwe, R. 2006 An ambitious German in early twentieth century Tasmania: The collections made by Fritz Noetling. Australian Archaeology 62:31–37.

Dortch, J., C.E. Dortch and R. Reynolds 2006 Test excavation at the Oyster Harbour Stone Fish Traps, King George Sound, Western Australia: An investigation aimed at determining the construction method and maximum age of the structures. Australian Archaeology 62:38–43.

Short Reports

Book Reviews

Basgall, M. 2006 Review of ‘Desert Peoples: Archaeological Perspectives’ edited by Peter Veth, Mike Smith and Peter Hiscock. Australian Archaeology 62:47–48.

Denham, T. 2006 Review of ‘First Farmers: The Origins of Agricultural Societies’ by Peter Bellwood. Australian Archaeology 62:49–50.

Hallam, S. 2006 Review of ‘Hominid Adaptations and Extinctions’ by David W. Cameron. Australian Archaeology 62:50–51.

Hallam, S. 2006 Review of ‘Palaeonenvironmental Change and the Persistence of Human Occupation in Southwestern Australian Forests’ by Joe Dortch. Australian Archaeology 62:51–53.

Knuckey, G. 2006 Review of ‘The Origins of War: Violence in Prehistory’ by Jean Guilaine and Jean Zammit. Australian Archaeology 62:53–54.

Lockhart, B. 2006 Review of ‘The Archaeologist’s Manual for Conservation: A Gudie to Non-Toxic, Minimal Intervention Artifact Stabilization’ by Bradley A. Rodgers. Australian Archaeology 62:54–55.

Morrison, M. 2006 Review of ‘The Archaeology of Time’ by Gavin Lucas. Australian Archaeology 62:55–56.

Ormsby, T. 2006 Review of ‘The Archaeologist’s Field Handbook’ by Heather Burke and Claire Smith. Australian Archaeology 62:56–57.

Ross, A. 2006 Review of ‘Archaeology in Practice: A Student Guide to Archaeological Analyses’ edited by Jane Balme and Alistair Paterson. Australian Archaeology 62:57–58.

Russell, L. 2006 Review of ‘Shared Landscapes: Archaeologies of Attachment and the Pastoral Industry in New South Wales’ by Rodney Harrison. Australian Archaeology 62:58–59.

Slack, M. and R. Fullagar 2006 Review of ‘Inscribed Landscapes: Marking and Making Place’ edited by Bruno David and Meredith Wilson. Australian Archaeology 62:59–62.

Thorley, P. 2006 Review of ’23°S: Archaeology and Environmental History of the Southern Deserts’ edited by Mike Smith and Paul Hesse. Australian Archaeology 62:62.

Thesis Abstracts

Briggs, S. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Portonian Respectability: Working-Class Attitudes to Respectability in Port Adelaide through Material Culture, 1840–1900‘. Australian Archaeology 62:63.

Dudley, J. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Paradise Lost: The Archaeological Landscape of a Late Nineteenth Century Queensland Gold Mining Community‘. Australian Archaeology 62:63.

Farmen, K.W.M. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘The Antipodean Hog Farm: Youth Subcultures, Human Ecology and Investigations into the Lifeways of Australia’s Hippies‘. Australian Archaeology 62:63–64.

Ormsby, T. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Kennewick Man Meets Lady Mungo: An International Look at Repatriation‘. Australian Archaeology 62:64.

Robertson, G. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Backed Artefact Use in Eastern Australia: A Residue and Use-Wear Analysis‘. Australian Archaeology 62:64–65.

Rosendahl, D. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘All the Small Things: The Refinement of Foraminiferal Analysis to Determine Site Formation Processes in Archaeological Sediments‘. Australian Archaeology 62:65.

Susino, G.J. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Analysis of Lithic Artefact Microdebitage for Chronological Determination of Archaeological Sites. Australian Archaeology 62:65–66.

Wallis, L.A. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Phytoliths, Late Quaternary Environments and Archaeology in Tropical Semi-Arid Northwest Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 62:66.

Wilson, C. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Return of the Ngarrindjeri: Repatriating Old People Back to Country‘. Australian Archaeology 62:66–67.

Wimmer, M. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘Archaeology of the Russian Scare: The Port Adelaide Torpedo Station‘. Australian Archaeology 62:67.

Woolford, N. 2006 Thesis abstract ‘The Ethics of Ownership: Indigenous Cultural Property Rights and the Practice of Archaeology‘. Australian Archaeology 62:67.