Volume 60 (June 2005)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial.


Russell, L. 2005 Kangaroo Island sealers and their descendants: Ethnic and gender ambiguities in the archaeology of a creolised community. Australian Archaeology 60:1–5.

Canning, S. 2005 ‘BELIEF’ in the past: Dempster-Shafer theory, GIS and archaeological predictive modelling. Australian Archaeology 60:6–15.

Guthrie, S. and J.L. Kohen 2005 Water views: Water-based survey methods on Cowan Creek, New South Wales. Australian Archaeology 60:16–23.

Walshe, K. 2005 Aboriginal occupation at Hawker Lagoon, southern Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 60:24–33.

Guilfoyle, D. 2005 Socialising stone artefact assemblages: Regionalisation and raw material availability in northern Queensland. Australian Archaeology 60:34–40.

Corkill, T. 2005 Sourcing stone from the Sydney region: A hatchet job. Australian Archaeology 60:41–50.

Short Reports

Bolton, S. 2005 Purple haze: Evidence for a later date for solarized amethyst glass. Australian Archaeology 60:51–52.

Brockwell, S. and C. Chippindale 2005 Walter Burley Griffin and a Museum of Archaeology at the heart of Australia’s capital. Australian Archaeology 60:52–54.

Slack, M., R. Fullagar, A. Border, J. Diamond and J. Field 2005 Late Holocene occupation at Bunnengalla 1, Musselbrook Creek, northwest Queensland. Australian Archaeology 60:54–58.

Veitch, B., F. Hook and E. Bradshaw 2005 A note on radiocarbon dates from the Paraburdoo, Mount Brockman and Yandicoogina areas of the Hammersley Plateau, Pilbara, Western Australia. Australian Archaeology 60:58–61.

Walshe, K. 2005 Indigenous archaeological sites and the Black Swamp Fossil Bed: Rocky River Precinct, Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 60:61–64.


Veth, P. and S. Ulm 2005 Obituary: Bruce Veitch (30 June 1957–10 March 2005). Australian Archaeology 60:65–66.

Book Reviews

Bulbeck, D. 2005 Review of ‘The Incas’ by Terence N. D’Altroy. Australian Archaeology 60:76.

Cole. N. 2005 Review of ‘Colouring the Past: The Significance of Colour in Archaeological Research’ edited by Andrew Jones and Gavin MacGregor. Australian Archaeology 60:76–78.

Crowther, A. 2005 Review of ‘A Pacific Odyssey: Archaeology and Anthropology in the Western Pacific. Papers in Honour of Jim Specht’ edited by Val Attenbrow and Richard Fullagar. Australian Archaeology 60:78–79.

Harrison, R. 2005 Review of ‘Archaeology and Colonialism: Cultural Contact from 5000 BC to the Present’ by Chris Godsen and ‘The Archaeology of the Colonised’ by Michael Given. Australian Archaeology 60:79–81.

McNiven, I.J. 2005 Review of ‘Hunter-Gatherers in History, Archaeology and Anthropology’ edited by Alan Barnard. Australian Archaeology 60:81–82.

Pate, F.D. 2005 Review of ‘Constructing Frames of Reference: An Analytical Method for Archaeological Theory Building using Ethnographic and Environmental Data Sets’ by Lewis R. Binford. Australian Archaeology 60:82–83.

Thesis Abstracts

Adamson, M. 2005 Thesis abstract ‘An Archaeological Analysis of Gender Roles in Ancient Non-Literate Cultures of Eurasia’. Australian Archaeology 60:73.

Dalley, C. 2005 Thesis abstract ‘Control and Power in Australian Community Archaeology: Case Studies from Waanyi Country, Northwest Queensland’. Australian Archaeology 60:73.

Eagle, S. 2005 Thesis abstract ‘Recognising Physical Child Abuse in Antiquity: A Palaeopathological Approach’. Australian Archaeology 60:74.

Firth, K. 2005 Thesis abstract ‘The Historical Archaeology of Tasmanian-Based Whaling in South Australian Waters 1820–1850’. Australian Archaeology 60:74.

Nichols, S. 2005 Thesis abstract ‘Out of the Box: Popular Notions of Archaeology in Documentary Programs on Australian Television’. Australian Archaeology 60:74–75.

Pilgrim, R. 2005 Thesis abstract ‘The Bloke Museum: Motor Museums and Their Visitors‘. Australian Archaeology 60:75.

Scott, I. 2005 Thesis abstract ‘Bones, Bones, Bones; What Secrets do they Keep? Examining the Feasibility of Using Trace Elements and Rare Earth Elements to Determine Geographical Differences of Archaeological Remains’. Australian Archaeology 60:75.