Volume 58 (June 2004)


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Megaw, V. 2004 Tales of a flying Dutchman: An Exaugural Lecture. Australian Archaeology 58:25–36.

Short Reports

Smith, M.A. and P. Veth 2004 Radiocarbon dates for baler shell in the Great Sandy Desert. Australian Archaeology 58:37–38.

Walshe, K. and T.H. Loy 2004 An adze manufactured from a telegraph insulator, Harvey’s Return, Kangaroo Island. Australian Archaeology 58:38–40.

Book Reviews

Bowdler, S. 2004 Review of ‘East of Wallace’s Line: Studies of Past and Present Maritime Cultures of the Indo-Pacific Region’ edited by Sue O’Connor and Peter Veth. Australian Archaeology 58:47.

Wilson, M. 2004 Review of ‘Visions from the Past: The Archaeology of Australian Aboriginal Art’ by Mike J. Morwood. Australian Archaeology 58:47–48.

Harrison, R. 2004 Review of ‘Archaeologies of Memory’ edited by Rith M. van Dyke and Susan E. Alcock. Australian Archaeology 58:48–51.

Murray, T. 2004 Review of ‘Thinking from Things: Essays in the Philosophy of Archaeology’ by Alison Wylie. Australian Archaeology 58:51.

Birmingham, J. 2004 Review of ‘After Caption Cook: The Archaeology of the Recent Indigenous Past in Australia’ edited by Rodney Harrison and Christine Williamson. Australian Archaeology 58:52.

Thesis Abstracts

Roberts, A. 2004 Thesis abstract ‘Knowledge, Power and Voice: An Investigation of Indigenous South Australian Perspectives of Archaeology’. Australian Archaeology 58:44.

Harrison, R. 2004 Thesis abstract ‘Ngarranggani, Ngamungamu, Jalanijarra: ‘Lost Places’, Recursiveness and Hybridity at Old Lamboo Pastoral Station, Southeast Kimberley, WA’. Australian Archaeology 58:44–45.

Canning, S. 2004 Site Thesis abstract ‘Unseen: Archaeology, Cultural Resource Management, Planning and Predictive Modelling in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area’. Australian Archaeology 58:45.

Lamb, J. 2004 Thesis abstract ‘The Raw and the Cooked: A Study of the Effects of Cooking on Three Aboriginal Plant Foods from Southeast Queensland’. Australian Archaeology 58:45–46.

Grguric, N. 2004 Thesis abstract ‘The Early Mycenean Army: A Reconstruction of the Equipment, Tactics and Organisation of the Mycenean Army ca 1600–1400 BC’. Australian Archaeology 58:46.