Volume 56 (June 2003)


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Short Reports

Bourke, P.M. 2003 Advent of Anadara mounds and theories on mid- to late Holocene changes in forager economic strategies – a comment. Australian Archaeology 56:42–44.

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Hallam, S. 2003 Pat Vinnicombe obituaryAustralian Archaeology 56:48–49.

Veth, P., V. Attenbrow and N. Stern 2003 Patricia Vinnicombe obituaryAustralian Archaeology 56:49–50.

Smith, C. 2003 Rhys Jones awarded the Order of AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 56:51.


Book Reviews

Griffin, D. 2003 Review of ‘The Languages of Archaeology: Dialogue, Narrative and Writing’ by Rosemary Joyce. Australian Archaeology 56:60.

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Thesis Abstracts

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