Volume 49 (December 1999)


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Professorial Inaugural Address

Allen, J. 1999 The politics of the past. Australian Archaeology 49:34–43.

Short Reports

Torrence, R., J. Specht, H. Davies, P. Ainge and P. White 1999 Pleistocene landscape in West New Britain, PNG. Australian Archaeology 49:44–45.

Fullaga, R., L. Head, I. Ward, K. Mulvaney and P. Tacon 1999 Archaeological research in the Keep River region, Northern Territory. Australian Archaeology 49:45–46.

Davies, N. 1999 The Davies toichometer, an accurate, simple, and inexpensive device for surveying enclosed areas. Australian Archaeology 49:46–47.

Roberts, A.L., F.D. Pate and R. Hunter 1999 Late Holocene climatic changes in macropod bone collagen stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes at Fromms Landing, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 49:48–49.

Thesis abstracts

Westcott, C. 1999 Thesis abstract ‘A Technological Analysis of Stone Artefacts from Big Foot Art Site, Cania Gorge, Central Queensland’. Australian Archaeology 49:67.

De Leiuen, C. 1999 Thesis abstract ‘The Power Of Gender’. Australian Archaeology 49:67–68.

Ross, J. 1999 Thesis abstract ‘Painted Relationships: An Archaeological Analysis of a Distinctive Anthropomorphic Rock Art Motif in Northwest Central Queensland’. Australian Archaeology 49:68.

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Reid, J. 1999 Thesis abstract ‘An Archaeological Approach to Quarry Studies: A Technological Investigations of the Ironbark Site Complex, Southern Curtis Coast, Australia’. Australian Archaeology 49:69.

Book Reviews