Nominations are called for the following four

Australian Archaeological Association Inc. Awards

Closing Date: 17 October 2014

1. Rhys Jones Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Australian Archaeology

The Rhys Jones Medal is the highest award offered by the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. It was established in honour of Rhys Jones (1941-2001) to mark his enormous contribution to the development and promotion of archaeology in Australia. The Medal is presented annually to an individual who has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the field. Established in 2002, previous winners include Isabel McBryde (2003), John Mulvaney (2004), Sharon Sullivan (2005), Mike Smith (2006), Harry Lourandos (2009), Iain Davidson (2010),  Sue O’Connor (2011), Mike Morwood (2012) and Richard Wright (2013).

Nominations should consist of a one page statement outlining the nominee’s archaeological career and how this work has benefited Australian archaeology, as well as a full list of the nominee’s publications. Note that nominees do not need to be members of the Association; be an Australian citizen; or work exclusively in Australia or on Australian material.

2. John Mulvaney Book Award

The Award was established in honour of John Mulvaney and his contribution and commitment to Australian archaeology over a lifetime of professional service. It acknowledges the significant contribution of individual or co-authored publications to the archaeology of the continent of Australia, the Pacific, Papua-New Guinea and South-East Asia, either as general knowledge or as specialist publications. Nominations are considered annually for books that cover both academic pursuits and public interest, reflecting the philosophy of John Mulvaney’s life work. Established in 2004, previous winners include Val Attenbrow for “Sydney’s Aboriginal Past” (2004), Rodney Harrison for” Shared Landscapes: Archaeologies of Attachment and the Pastoral Industry in New South Wales” (2006), Mike Morwood & Penny Van Oosterzee for “The Discovery of the Hobbit: The Scientific Breakthrough that changed the Face of Human History” (2007), Peter Hiscock for “The Archaeology of Ancient Australia” (2008), Denis Byrne for “Surface Collection” (2007), Jane Lydon for Fantastic Dreaming: The Archaeology of an Aboriginal Mission” (2010) Annie Ross et al. for “Indigenous Peoples and the Collaborative Stewardship of Nature” (2011), and Mike Smith for “The Archaeology of Australia’s Deserts” (2013).

Nominations must be for books written by one or more authors, but not for edited books, published in the last three calendar years (i.e. 2012, 2013 or 2014). The nomination must be accompanied by at least two published book reviews. A short citation (no more than one page) on why the book should be considered must also be included.

3. The Bruce Veitch Award for Excellence in Indigenous Engagement

This Award celebrates the important contribution that Bruce Veitch (1957-2005) made to the practice and ethics of archaeology in Australia. In particular, the award honours Bruce’s close collaboration with Traditional Owners on whose country he worked. It is awarded annually to any individual or group who has had long-standing and sustained engagement with Indigenous communities during archaeological or cultural heritage projects which have produced significant outcomes for Indigenous interests. Established in 2005, previous winners include Richard Fullagar (2006), Bruno David (2007), Annie Ross (2008), Luke Godwin (2009), Peter Veth (2010), Ken Mulvaney (2011), Ian McNiven (2012), and Daryl Wesley (2013).

Nominees will have actively engaged with Indigenous communities to produce successful outcomes. The nature of nominations is flexible (e.g. video tape, audio tape, poster etc), considering the wide range of Indigenous collaborations and the remoteness of some communities. Nominators are strongly encouraged to include supporting statements from relevant Indigenous individuals or community organisations.

4. Life Membership for Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Archaeological Association Inc.

This award was established to recognise significant and sustained contribution to the objects and purposes of the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. Previous winners include John Mulvaney, Jack Golson, Betty Meehan (2002), Val Attenbrow (2002), J. Peter White (2003),  Colin Pardoe (2007), Sean Ulm (2008), Annie Ross (2010), Lynley Wallis (2012) and Fiona Hook (2013).

Nominations should consist of a one page statement outlining the nominee’s contributions to the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. Note that nominees must be members of the Association.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations for all Awards will be considered by the Executive of the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. with advice as appropriate from senior members of the discipline. The decision of the Executive is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Nominations to be addressed to the President and cc-ed to A/Prof Annie Ross at:

Email: and

or Fax: 07 3365 1544, mark private & confidential and for attention of A/Prof Annie Ross

and sent to arrive no later than 17 October 2014


The current President of AAA is:

Fiona Hook

President, Australian Archaeological Association Inc.



Recipients of all awards will be announced at the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. Annual Conference.

Dates: 1-4 December 2014

Location: Cairns

Host: James Cook University, Cairns Campus


Annie Ross

Chairperson, AAA Awards Sub-Committee 2014