Dear AAA Members,

As per the advertised AAA Ordinary General Meeting held on 23 February 2015, a quorum of 23 Members in good standing unanimously voted to change the Constitution by way of addition in order to make it possible for the Association to apply for registration as a Cultural Organisation with gift-deductible status.  The additions to the constitution are:

1. Addition of clause f to Section 2: Objects and Purposes of the Association: “(f) to establish and maintain a public fund to be named “The Australian Archaeological Association Public Fund”.

2. Addition of Subsection 7 to Section 8: Banking and Finance as per legally required wording, which can be perused on the Constitution.

The new Constitution has been lodged with the regulator (ACT government) as well as an application to be registered as a Cultural Organisation that has a dedicated bank account for the Public Fund. This process should be completed in the next few months, after which AAA will be able to receive tax-deductible donations.


Martin Porr, AAA Secretary (on behalf of the Executive)