You are invited to submit an abstract to present at the Australian Archaeological Association Annual Conference, ‘Disrupting Paradise: The Archaeology of the Driest Inhabited Continent on Earth’.

In this conference we take the opportunity to reflect on how archaeology has developed as a discipline and as a community in the 50 years since John Mulvaney published his landmark Prehistory of Australia. How has archaeology disrupted and continued to disrupt understandings of the past and ourselves? How have our understandings of people and transformation in Australia changed in the last 50 years? How has archaeology disrupted our dominant paradigms in archaeological method and theory? How has the culture of archaeological practice changed?

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When submitting an abstract you will need to:

  • Provide a title, author(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Nominate ONE session theme – more details here.
  • Indicate whether the abstract is an oral presentation or a poster presentation
  • Provide a 300-word abstract to appear in the Conference Booklet (maximum 2050 characters including spaces)

Agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics, Sexual Harassment Policy 2012, Discrimination Policy 2012, Equal Opportunity Policy 2012 and Website and Social Media Policies

The Conference Organisers reserve the right to reassign your paper if they feel it is more appropriate for another session theme.

Please note that an individual may be the principal author and present only ONE oral presentation and ONE poster at the conference, although they can be subsidiary co-authors on any number of other papers and posters.

Please note: If your abstract is accepted for presentation at the conference, AT LEAST ONE named author on each paper must be registered for the conference by close of business on Friday 11 October 2019 or the paper will be removed from the program.

Submissions for abstracts close Friday 16 August 2019.

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