Dear AAA Members,

It’s with great pleasure that we send out this announcement as the newly elected AAA exec.  We would again like to thank Lara and the executive team for working hard for the association and in particular getting us into a strong fiscal position.  We look forward to working closely with Lara and Aaron, and with her support, we will continue to co-opt Fiona into the future! We would also like to thank LA Trobe University and in particular Jillian Garvey for running such a successful conference, and congratulate all those who were the recipients of awards and prizes, and in particular acknowledge the contribution that Sean Ulm has made to Australian Archaeology as the recipient of the Rhys Jones medal.

We feel privileged to be helping guide AAA at such an exciting time for Australian Archaeology. New discoveries like the work of Chris Clarkson’s team at  Madgebebe, and the establishment of the ARC funded CABAH, mean this is a great time to be involved in Australian Archaeology.

We look forward to working hard for the Association for the next couple of years, with a particular focus on student and Indigenous engagement and an increased public awareness of what we do!  We also look forward to seeing everyone at 2018’s IPPA, the Southern Deserts Conferences 5, and of course the AAA annual conference to be held in New Zealand in association with the NZAA.

We wish everyone a great and safe Christmas break – and remember while enjoying the holidays it’s a great time to finish that half written AA paper you never got round to!

Best wishes
Michael, Boone, Kasih, Steph.