Lara lamb is the 2018 recipient of the AAA Life membership Award

Lara Lamb was President of AAA in 2016-2017, during which time she was oversaw a number of important initiatives, including the first ever AAA conference hosted by an Aboriginal organisation, and the transition of the journal and administration of membership payments to Taylor and Francis with its associated financial benefits.  But Lara had a long and active association with AAA prior to her time as President.  She has had roles as Queensland Representative (during which time she took part in discussions relating to the review of the Queensland Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act), short reports editor on the AA editorial team; and in 2006 she was a member of the Association’s Indigenous sub-committee where she was instrumental in obtaining a $20,000 grant from the Indigenous Heritage Program (QLD Department of Environment and Heritage) for assistance with indigenous participation at the 2006 Australian Archaeology conference. 

Now Vice-President of the Association, Lara is working on revisions to the Code of Ethics and has provided invaluable assistance and advice on a range of initiatives being worked on by the National Executive Committee.  Lara’s active contribution to the Australian Archaeological Association has been constant for over a decade, and she is certainly worthy of this Life Membership award.