Still flawed: A reply to Pardoe (1994) and Sim and Thorne (1994)

23rd January 2014

Peter Brown


For different reasons I would like to thank the three authors (Pardoe 1994; Sim and Thorne 1994) who responded to my criticism of Sim and Thorne’s (1990) research on King Island. Colin Pardoe agrees with my criticisms of Sim and Thorne’s (1990) research methodology and the conclusions that they draw from it. However, he disagrees with my assertion that data of the type offered by Sim and Thorne should not be published. This is an important issue and I would like to discuss an example which I think may persuade him, as well as others with similar views, to change their minds. I must admit some surprise at the nature and content of the second reply to my article (Sim and Thorne 1994). While I think that they have scored a number of own goals some of their remarks do require discussion.

*Note that an abstract was not included with this paper, and so the introductory paragraph has been included here instead of the abstract.

Brown, P.
Still flawed: A reply to Pardoe (1994) and Sim and Thorne (1994)
December 1995
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