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01st December 2008

Sandra Bowdler’s Publications 1971–2007


Bowdler, S. 1983 Aboriginal Sites on the Crown-Timber Lands of New South Wales. Sydney: Forestry Commission of New South Wales.

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Edited Books

Bowdler, S. 1982 (ed.) Coastal Archaeology in Eastern Australia. Collected papers from the 1980 AAA Conference. Canberra: Department of Prehistory, Research School of Pacific Studies, The Australian National University.

Bowdler, S. and S. Sullivan (eds) 1984 Site Surveys and Significance Assessment in Australian Archaeology. Canberra: Department of Prehistory, Research School of Pacific Studies, The Australian National University. 

Refereed Journal and Book Chapters

Bowdler, S. 1971 Balls Head: The excavation of a Port Jackson rockshelter. Records of the Australian Museum 28:117–128.

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Bowdler, S. 1983 Beyond the Hydro-Majestic: A commissioned report on Aboriginal sites for a landscape study of the Megalong, Kanimbla and Hartley Valleys, New South Wales. In M. Smith (ed.), Archaeology at ANZAAS 1983, pp.329–349. Perth: Western Australian Museum.

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Encyclopaedia Entries

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Reviews, Comments etc.

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Sandra Bowdler Publications (1971-2007
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