Obituary: John Russell Prescott (1924-2011)

19th December 2012

Emeritus Professor John Prescott passed away in September 2011 at the age of 87 following a short illness. He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Jo, and children, James, Ann and Kate.

John’s birth in Egypt in 1924 near the pyramids of Giza provided an appropriate beginning to a life that would make important contributions to the development and promotion of archaeological science. In the first year of his life, John and his family moved to Adelaide, where his father became the first Professor of Agricultural Chemistry at the Waite Agricultural Research Institute and later the Director of the Institute in 1938. John attended Scotch College and then studied physics at the University of Adelaide, receiving the degree of BSc(Hons) in 1945. He then moved to the University of Melbourne to pursue a PhD addressing cosmic ray showers and bursts, being awarded one of the first PhD degrees in Physics from that institution in 1949. Following completion of his PhD, John accepted a scholarship from Christchurch College, Oxford University, to pursue a DPhil degree, which he was awarded in 1953 for his thesis addressing the nuclear structures of heavy elements.

In 1953 John and his family returned to Melbourne, where he worked with the Australian Atomic Energy Commission at the University of Melbourne. In 1956 he moved the family to Canada to accept a lectureship in physics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. John was awarded an Associate Professor position at the University of Calgary in Alberta in 1960 and was promoted to Professor of Physics at Calgary in 1968. In 1971 the family returned to Adelaide, where John was first awarded the position of Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide, and then appointed as the Elder Professor of Physics in 1982, a position first held by Nobel prize-winning Sir William Bragg in 1886. Following 20 years of service at the University, John retired in 1990. Throughout his 20 year career at the University of Adelaide, John made significant contributions to Australian archaeometry, especially in the area of luminescence dating. John’s volunteer field experience with Graeme L. Pretty at the Roonka archaeological site on the lower Murray River near Blanchetown, South Australia (SA), in the mid-1970s stimulated his interests in the improvement of chronometric dating techniques. He realised the potential contribution of the relatively new thermoluminescence dating method to Australian archaeology and established a laboratory to pursue this research area. In addition to Roonka, John conducted fieldwork at the important sites of Lake Mungo and Puritjarra. Other fieldwork locations included sites throughout Australia (especially SA) and the Pacific, as well as in China and Thailand. In order to contribute to ongoing debates concerning the development of scientific archaeology in Australia, John coordinated and hosted the Third Australian Archaeometry Conference at the University of Adelaide in 1988, as well as being a regular contributor at other Australian archaeometry conferences. Following his official retirement in 1990, John remained active and continued to involve colleagues and students in field and laboratory research.

I first met John Prescott in 1983 when I arrived at the South Australian Museum (SAM) to pursue research for my MA thesis on the Roonka site. John was dedicated to the ongoing research programme at Roonka and provided invaluable assistance to me in relation to the completion of my project. John and Graeme introduced me to a number of colleagues who were influential in the development of archaeological science in SA. These included John Hutton (CSIRO Soils), Ken Brown (Forensic Odontology, University of Adelaide), Rod Wells (Biological Sciences, Flinders University) and Herb Veeh (Earth Sciences, Flinders University). All were involved in the interdisciplinary research at Roonka. The 1980s were a dynamic period in relation to archaeological research at the SAM. The extensive research group, including a number of international colleagues, provided a stimulating and challenging environment.

John continued to be an influential advocate of archaeological science in Australia and a keen supporter of research at Roonka until the time of his death. John’s dedication and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research and scholarship will live on in the numerous colleagues and students who were influenced by his contributions. 

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Obituary: John Russell Prescott (1924-2011)
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