Landscape, Art, Artists and Audience: A spatial Analysis of the Rock Art at Wanmanna, Pilbara, Western Australia

21st April 2013

Martha Jaworski

BSc(Hons), School of Social Sciences, University of Western Australia, November 2012

Located 75 km from Newman in Western Australia, just off the Port Hedland Road, is a rock art assemblage site known as Wanmanna. Prior to this study the site had not been surveyed and recorded despite the fact that it is situated within the Pilbara, a region that is famous as being home to one of the richest petroglyph areas in Australia. There is large and diverse assemblage of rock art present at this site. A comprehensive recording of this site took place in early 2012, and this thesis is focused on the analysis of the rock art recorded with regards to a number of factors which may have influenced the placement and distribution of rock art within the site. Throughout the analysis a number of patterns were identified regarding a number of landscape features of the site. These patterns are examined and the potential meanings are explored.

Martha Jaworski
Landscape, art, artists and audience: A spatial analysis of the rock art at Wanmanna, Pilbara, Western Australia
June 2013
Thesis Abstracts
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