Gummingurru—A community archaeology knowledge journey

27th April 2013

Ross et al AA76 Figure 6

An educational board game designed to teach school children about journeys to the Gummingurru stone arrangement site in precontact times (published in Australian Archaeology 76:65).

Anne Ross, Sean Ulm and Brian Tobane

The Gummingurru stone arrangement site complex on the Darling Downs of Queensland (Qld), Australia, was originally an initiation site attended by Aboriginal people from many  arts of southeast Qld and northeast New South Wales en route to the triennial intergroup gatherings in the nearby Bunya Mountains. The activities at Gummingurru and the Bunya Mountains included knowledge sharing, alliance making trade and exchange. In recent times the journeys to and from Gummingurru have changed. Although knowledge sharing and alliance-making continue, there are new aspects to the journeys. In this paper we outline the contemporary social framework within which Gummingurru is situated, emphasising the community/researcher/
student networks and educational outputs that have evolved over the life of this community-based collaborative research project and review the positive lessons learned by all participants in the knowledge journeys associated with the site and its cultural landscape.

Anne Ross, Sean Ulm and Brian Tobane
Gummingurru—A community archaeology knowledge journey
June 2013
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