Age of the Lancefield megafauna: A reappraisal

05th January 2014

Sanja van Huet, Rainer Grun, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Nicola Redvers-Newton and J. Peter White


The Lancefield megafauna site is located on the southwest edge of the small town of Lancefield, 70 km NNE of Melbourne. The site is located in a swamp, a depression (possibly formed by a collapsed lava tunnel) which is almost surrounded by weathered Pliocene basalts which have formed a laterite cap. A natural spring flow under this cap emerges at the swamp and the water then drains into Deep Creek, a tributary of the Maribyrnong River.

*Note that an abstract was not included with this paper, and so the introductory paragraph has been included here instead of the abstract.

van Huet, S., R. Grun, C.V. Murray-Wallace, N. Redvers-Newton and J.P. White
Age of the Lancefield megafauna: A reappraisal
June 1998
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