A shell midden at Clybucca, near Kempsey, New South Wales

31st December 2013

Stratigraphic section (published in Australian Archaeology 48:2).

Stratigraphic section of Clybucca 3 (published in Australian Archaeology 48:2).

Graham Knuckey


This paper reports on Graham Connah’s 1972 excavations at Clybucca, near Kempsey in northern New South Wales (Fig. 1). This has involved bringing together aspects of three unpublished BA(Hons) theses that resulted from those excavations, as well as re-examining the field records and reanalysing aspects of the excavated data. Analysis of Clybucca 3 suggests a shift in the subsistence strategy of the prehistoric inhabitants away from an economy based on shellfish toward one based on a broader range of resources available from an estuarine and a terrestrial environment. In addition, this paper looks at why subsistence strategies might have changed and discusses the Clybucca 3 data in light of two explanations for mid-Holocene changes of this sort currently found in the literature.

*Note that an abstract was not included with this paper, and so the introductory paragraph has been included here instead of the abstract.

Knuckey, G.
A shell midden at Clybucca, near Kempsey, New South Wales
June 1999
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