Our Journal blog is no longer being produced. Below is an archive list of all the posts that were published while it was running. They’re listed by most recent journal volume to earlier volumes, and then ordered from the most recent to the older posts – happy reading!

AA77 (December 2013)

Bora Ceremonies and the Great Emu in the Sky (27 June 2014)

Why Burials Offer a Mound of Information on Past Individuals and Communities (10 June 2014)

Lithics Down Under 2.0 (13 April 2014)

AA76 (June 2013)

Investigating the Footprints of the Ancestors (posted 3 March 2014)

Australia’s Industrious Convicts (posted 2 March 2014)

Cowboy Archaeology No More: Community-Directed Research at Birriwilk Rockshelter, Arnhem Land (posted 18 November 2013)

Oxygen Isotopes Linking Climate and Cultural Change in the Top End (posted 2 November 2013)

Five Simple Ingredients for Making an Archaeologist (posted 17 October 2013)

7000 Years in Western Torres Strait (posted 12 september 2013)

Collaboration, Community and Landscape Archaeology at Gummingurru (posted 19 August 2013)

The Contemporary and Future Landscapes of Professional Archaeology in Australia (posted 1 August 2013)

The Archaeology of a Humans Best Friend: Dogs and People in Prehistory (posted 2 July 2013)

AA75 (December 2012)

How Modern Technology is Helping Archaeologists Learn about Ancient Cultures (27 May 2013)

Where Does the Grey Literature Go? The New South Wales Archaeology Online Project and Issues of Digital Preservation for Australian Archaeology  (posted 14 may 2013)

Rock Art and Ancient Australian Knowledge of Astronomy (posted 30 April 2013)

Minimum Analytical Nodules and Lithic Analysis in Australian Archaeology (posted 29 April 2013)

Recent Research into the Rock Art and Function of Nawarla Gabarnmang, Jawoyn Country, Northern Territory (posted 20 April 2013)

Why is the Quinkan Rock Art Endangered? (posted 14 April 2013)

How Skeletal Remains can Teach us About Prehistoric Organic Technologies (posted 13 April 2013)

Standing Stones: A New and Enigmatic Form of Stone Arrangement from Jawoyn Country, Northern Territory (posted 12 April 2013)

New Archaeological Work in SE Asia to add to Knowledge of Early Human Dispersals (posted 2 April 2013) 

Controversy! International Scholars Comment on Recent Lapita Pottery Finds from Mainland New Guinea in Australian Archaeology 75 (posted 25 January 2013)