Georgia Roberts has worked tirelessly for the Association and greater Australian archaeological community for many years, and in this year as we launch the Archaeology Skills Passport, it is appropriate to recognize and celebrate her contributions to the Association. Georgia is one of the unique individuals who seems to find time where there is little, applying herself across teaching, to community fieldwork projects, and her own research, and raising her family. Georgia has, and continues, to teach at multiple institutions including Monash, La Trobe and the Federation Universities. Over the last few years Georgia has worked tirelessly leading ANCATL. She has coordinated recent meetings of the committee and helped to continue the national benchmarking project. In particular AAA wishes to acknowledge the leadership in developing the Australian Archaeology Skills Passport. This has been no mean feat, in addition to actually writing the passport, the leaders have had to promote it to a diverse range of parties, attending and presenting at many conferences, and often at their own expense.