The Development of the Nineteenth Century Urban Meat Market in Sydney

23rd November 2014

Brealey, AnnabelleBetween 2010 and 2013, excavations by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority at 188 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, recovered faunal material dating from 1810–1829 and then 1842–1883. In 1810, 188 Cumberland Street was the site of one of Australia’s first watch-houses before being converted to a purely residential household in the mid-nineteenth century. Zooarchaeological analyses, including the use of Unit of Acquisition (Chichkoyan 2013), provide a comparison of consumer meat preference between a semi-public space (watch house) and later, a residential dwelling. Through a temporal study, this research contributes to our understanding of how the urban meat market developed in The Rocks from early settlement through to industrialised city.

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Brealey, A. 2014 The Development of the Nineteenth Century Urban Meat Market in Sydney. Poster Presented at the AAA/ASHA Annual Conference, 1-3 December, Cairns.

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