AAA members are invited to submit their best archaeology-related photographs to the AAA2015 Photo Competition. All entries must be submitted online. Rather than sending in your hard copy photos, just submit your high resolution JPEG or TIFF images online and we’ll arrange the standardised printing of them for display and judging at the conference.

Photo Comp Button

Your entries must be submitted online no later than 5.00pm on Friday 13th November 2015.

Each photo entry must be individually submitted online. This means that if you are submitting two photos, you will need to complete the online submission process twice. Entrants don’t have to be a registered conference delegate to enter but must be a current financial member of AAA. Any winners not present at the conference will be notified by email.

What happens after you submit your entry?

The conference organisers will arrange to have all entries with their captions printed, and displayed throughout the conference.

Entries will be judged by a panel at the conference, with winners announced at the AAA2015 Conference Dinner (no discussion over the winning entries will be entered into!).

Entrant Agreement Form

Click here to view Entrant Agreement Form.  It is deemed that by submitting an entry to the Photo Competition, you are accepting the terms of the Agreement in full.

For enquiries about the Photo Competition, please contact Thomas Whitley at

For assistance with submission technology, please contact Julie Jerbic at


There are six standard categories. You must indicate which category you wish your photo to be considered in during the upload process, but note that the organisers reserve the right to move your entry into another category. The categories are:

A. Archaeological site/landscape images – these should show a view of an archaeological site or landscape (such as the Mungo lunette), not just be a “pretty” landscape shot. Ensure that your caption makes clear what the site or the landscape actually is! These images may not necessarily have people in them.

B. Archaeological fieldwork or laboratory work in progress – these should show people engaged in the practice of archaeology, rather than just a site.

C. Archaeological artefact images – these should be of an archaeological artefact (or a feature, such as a hearth, a pit, or a burial). They may be taken in the field or in the laboratory, so can be highly set-up, or ad hoc (such as of an artefact taken in the field).

D. Manipulated or artistic images – these could be any of the above types of images that have been deliberately setup and/or manipulated with processing software to go beyond a “straightforward” image.

E. Historical images – these should be “old” (ie prior to ~10 years ago) photographs that you have dug out from your archives and/or that show some aspect of archaeology from the past. These might include people in their younger days. Often these will be “old fashioned” printed photographs that have digitised for the modern age!

F. “Just for Fun” – we all have them, you know, those funny shots usually taken in the field of someone doing something that they shouldn’t be (such as “excavating” with a geopick?!) or looking particularly grotty after a hard day digging. Or perhaps it’s just a very clearly captioned archaeological photo. Either way, if the photo makes us laugh and shows the lighter side of archaeology, this is the category to enter it into!

Conditions of Entry


  1. The competition is open to all financial AAA members.
  2. Entrants must complete one online submission for each entry.
  3. A maximum of two (2) entries per category per entrant is allowed.
  4. The entries may be any form of archaeological subject matter pertinent to any of the identified categories.
  5. Entries in Category D must have a clear archaeological origin.
  6. Photo content must adhere to the AAA Code of Ethics. The Conference Organising Committee reserves the right to accept or reject entries if they do not meet these requirements.
  7. Each entry must be given a short title for display and citation purposes. The category and a descriptive caption giving details of the subject (eg description of scene or artefact, location, date taken, names of any recognisable people in the picture) must be clearly identified in the online submission.
  8. Entries must be submitted online no later than 5.00pm on Friday 13th November 2015.
  9. Preferred image formats are high resolution JPEG or TIFF. The larger dimension of the image must be at least 2540 pixels. 

Photo Competition Prizes

There will be £50 vouchers from Cambridge Publishers for the best student entry in each of the Categories. Suitable entries from these categories may also be chosen to be used on a future cover of Australian Archaeology, the official publication of AAA, or used on the AAA website or for other AAA promotional purposes, in accordance with the Entrant Agreement Form.