Conference Poster Gallery

Every year at the annual AAA conference, a poster session is held. This page contains links to the available PDF versions of the posters presented each year; by clicking on the poster which you are interested in, you’ll be able to see the poster abstract, author(s) names and the correct citation details.


Allen 2014 Fuel Selection Strategies at Two Early East Otago
Archaeological Sites

Argue 2014 Did Homo floresiensis have Down Syndrome?

Arthure 2014 The Occupation of Baker’s Flat: A Study of Irishness and Power in a South Australian Community

Bice and Curnoe 2014 Diagnosing our Species: How can we Identify the Skull of Homo sapiens?

Blackmore, Maclean and King 2014 1 William Street Brisbane Historical Archaeological Excavation

Brealey 2014 The Development of the Nineteenth Century Urban Meat Market in Sydney

Brickey et al. 2014 Managing the Ewamian Cultural Landscape of Talaroo Station

Brusch and Bulloch 2014 Compliance Archaeology as an Educational Medium

Bryant et al. 2014 MacDonald River Hatchets: Tracking Sources in the Hawkesbury-Hunter Regions

Bulloch 2014 A Scar-ry Problem: Culturally Modified Trees in the Pilbara

Connolly 2014 Investigations of the Old Owen Springs Homestead Cellar, Northern Territory

Croker 2014 The View from Within: Can CT be used to Help Detect Differences between Human and Non-Human Bones?

Davies 2014 Simulating Mobility, Place Use, and the Distribution of Stone Artefacts at Rutherford’s Creek, Western New South Wales

Dortch et al. 2014 Demonstrating Niche Construction Through Zooarchaeology in Southwestern Australia

Duval 2014 On the interest of using Electron Spin Resonance (ERS) dating method in archaeological context

Finch and Jones 2014 Classification of the Rock Art of Red Lily Lagoon in Western Arnhem Land

Garvey 2014 Economic Utility and Nutritional Value of the Common Wombat: Evaluating Australian Aboriginal Hunting and Butchery Patterns

Griffiths et al. 2014 The Architecture of Contact: Unearthing a Cultural Landmark of Early Melbourne

Hayes et al. 2014 Experimental Replication of Australian Grinding Stone Implements

Hayward 2014 The Long-Necked Spearthrowers of Northeast Kakadu

Hubschmann 2014 Archaeological Artefacts in Museums and Galleries: Aesthetic Presentation and the Compromise of Meaning

Hughes 2014 Political Correctness in Archaeology and History

Hunter 2014 Investigating the History of Bandicoot Bay through Glass Artefacts

James 2014 In Situ σ18O Analysis of Human Tooth Enamel

Jordan 2014 Archaeology in the Funny Pages

Kelly 2014 Landscape of Colonialism and Conflict

Lau, Williams and Atkinson 2014 A Glacial Cryptic Refuge in Southeast Australia: Human Occupation and Mobility from 36,000 Years Ago in the Sydney Basin, New South Wales

Lenihan, Mattner and Bergin 2014 A Stratified Site of Possible Pleistocene Age on the Swan Coastal Plain, Perth, Western Australia

Liro, Calo and Denham 2014 Radiographic Imaging in Sembiran

Maclean and King 2014 Heritage in the Hunter: Conserving Springwood Homestead

Mattner and Grguric 2014 Aboriginal Occupation around Tropicana in the Great Victoria Desert, Western Australia

Mazza 2014 Maritime and Coastal Archaeological Landscape in Sicily-Italy: Understanding the Sea-Human-Landscape Relationship through the Study of the Ancient Maritime and Coastal Landscape

Miscamble, Fogel and Westaway 2014 Low Level Aerial Reconnaissance in the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area

Mollenmans, Roberts and Newchurch 2014 An Analysis of Aboriginal Fish Traps on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Moore and Newman 2014 Basin Quarries in the Northwest Kimberley Region, Australia

Moss et al. 2014 Pollen Analysis of a Midden Archaeological Site: Thundiy, Bentinck Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

Norman 2014 Modelling Sea Level Oscillation and Landscape Transformation for the Site of Madjedbebe: An ArcGIS Approach

Perston and Moore 2014 Functional and Stylistic Attributes of Ethnographic Bone and Wire Pressure Flaking Tools from the Kimberley Region, Northwest Australia

Petherick et al. 2014 Late Holocene Environmental Variability and Sea-Level Change in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Australia

Piotto 2014 Technological Adaptations during Pleistocene Migrations across Wallacea

Pitman 2014 Do Roots Remain? Diet Change and Cultural Heritage in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands

Roberts et al. 2014 The Dinner is in the Detail: Assessing Seasonality through High-Resolution Stable Isotope Analysis on Archaeological Wombat Dental Enamel

Rossi 2014 Blocks of Time: Using Lego to Reconstruct Occupation and Activity Patterns at Mulka’s Cave, from 8000 cal BP until the Present

Schneider et al. 2014 Reconstructing Historical Trends in Sediments from Lake Kutubu, Papua New Guinea

Silvester et al 2014 Identifying Aboriginal Hearths in Late Quaternary Northwest Victoria: An Experimental Study to Replicate the Production of ‘Clay Ball’ and Calcium Nodule Heat Retainers

Stephenson 2014 Stains, Stones and Broken Bones

Sutton, M.-J. et al. 2014 Stage 2 Geophysical and Anthropological Investigations at the Mapoon Mission Cemetery, Queensland

Sutton, P. 2014 PXRF Sourcing of Obsidian Artefacts from Apalo, Arawe Islands, Papua New Guinea

Tacon et al. 2014 Valuable and Vulnerable: A Research and Awareness Strategy for the Future of Rock Art

Tucci et al. 2014 Ancient Copper Mining in Upland Laos: A Study into Iron Age Mining in a Tropical Environment

Tutchener 2014 Labour Relations and Landscape: Slave Built Agricultural Retaining Walls on the Quill, St. Eustatius

Wade and Slack 2014 Cultural Heritage Management at Brockman 4, Pilbara, Western Australia

Warland and Drake 2014 Gilberton Explored and Enthralled

Waterson et al. 2014 Impact of Cyclone Yasi on the Wreck of the SS Yongala Documented by Comparative Multibeam Bathymetry Analysis

Wright and Stephenson 2014 Exploring Ritual Activity Across a Torres Strait ‘Men’s Meeting Place’ through Oral Histories and Lithic Residues

Yates et al. 2014 A Preliminary Sampling Protocol for Residue Radiocarbon Dating


Adams and Fidge 2013 Digitising the Australian Aboriginal Material Culture Collection at the South Australian Museum

Aird et al. 2013 Through a Vertebral Lens: Estimation of Fish Size from a Late Holocene Midden Assemblage on Bentinck Island, Gulf of Carpentaria

Bland 2013 Ceramic Analysis to Determine External Cultural Influences on the Caleta Vitor Population of Northern Chile

Buhrich et al. 2013 Preservation of Carved Trees in the Queensland Wet Tropics

Clayton Martinez, L. and G. Roberts 2013 Who Do You Think You Are? An Overview of Australian Archaeology Students

Dejanovic, A. 2013 Australian Museum Archaeological Collection Deposition Policy

Finch, D., S. O’Connor, J. Balme, M. Aubert and J. Huntley 2013 Mineralogical Analysis of Ochre and Rock Coatings from Mount Behn Using the Australian Synchrotron

Hammond, J. 2013 Extending the Context for Segmented Circles in the Rock Art of the ‘Yam Figure’ Style, West Arnhem Land

Hovingh, R. and R. Stanger 2013 Warrawandu Walking Trail: Using Sustainable Heritage in Nyiyaparli Country

Maclaurin, C., S. Ulm and H. Tomkins 2013 Using Archaeological Land Snail Assemblages to Reconstruct Palaeoenvironments: A Pilot Study from Thundiy, Bentinck Island, Gulf of Carpentaria

Maskell, J. 2013 Non-Cultural Factors Affecting the Historical Archaeological Record

Matthews, J. 2013 Technological Organisation at Nawarla Gabarnmang: 45,000 Years of Diverse and Constant Change

Muller, A., C. Clarkson and C. Shipton 2013 Assessing Behavioural Complexity Through Decision Making in Lithic Technology

Stokes, K., V. Attenbrow, H. Watt, T. Corkill, P. Grave, R. Bryant, R. Pogson and L. Sutherland 2013 Dharawal Hatchets: Patterns of Movement in the Landscape of the Illawarra Region of NSW

Twaddle, R., S. Ulm, M. Bird and C. Wurster 2013 An Application of Sclerochronology and Scleroisotope Analysis to Understanding Kaiadilt Occupation in the South Wellesley Archipelago, Gulf of Carpentaria

Wallis and Matthews 2013 Is Social Media Just for Laughs? Insights from AAA’s 2013 Social Media Survey

Yates, A., A. Smith, J. Parr, A. Scheffers, R. Joannes-Boyau and F. Bertuch 2013 New Approaches to AMS Dating Residues from Stone Tools


Hunter, D. 2010 Ground Penetrating Radar: A Review of the Basics

Lau, M.J. 2010 Pre-Lapita Valuables: Were Obsidian Stemmed Tools Produced at the Quarries in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea?

Roberts, A., Mannum Aboriginal Community Association Inc. and A. van Wessen 2010
The Ngaut Ngaut (Devon Downs) Interpretive Project – Presenting Archaeological History to the Public


Steinberger, L., P. Moss, S. Haberle, R. Cosgrove and Å. Ferrier 2009 Paleoecological Investigation of the Human Occupation of Rainforest on the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland


Bowman, J. and S. Ulm 2007 Grants, Gender and Glass Ceilings: An Analysis of ARC-Funded Projects


Croker, S., W. Reed and D. Donlon 2006 Identifying the Bones: A Radiographic Comparison of the Cortical Bone Thickness in the Radius of Humans and Kangaroos

Fanning, P. and S. Holdaway 2006 Heat Retainer Hearth Identification as a Component of Archaeological Survey

Holdaway, S., P. Fanning, E. Rhodes and Wilyakali Traditional Owners 2006 Stone Artefacts and Hearths, People and Environment: Understanding the Past at Poolamacca


Bolton, S. 2005 Can Circles in the Search for Identity: An Aspect of the Archaeology of Settlements along the Mundaring-Kalgoorlie Settlement Corridor (1830–1914)

Kirby, C. 2005 Histories of Shared Landscapes. Point of Resistance: Social Preservation through Trade and Exchange in Northwest Australia

Rosendahl, D. and S. Ulm 2005 All the Small Things: The Refinement of Formaniniferal Analysis to Determine Site Formation Processes in Archaeological Sediments

Stephens, A., J. McDonald, M. Rawson and E. White 2005 Pleistocene Occupation on the Cumberland Plain


Attenbrow, V., T. Doelman, T. Corkill  and H. Watt 2004 Artefact Size and Raw Material Sources in the Sydney Region: A Preliminary Investigation

Brown, O., J. Field and M. Letnic 2004 Variation in the Taphonomic Effect of Scavengers in Semi-Arid NSW Linked to Rainfall and the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

Cotter, M., I. Davidson, S. Porter, J. Wilson and B. Duncan 2004 Documenting Aboriginal Ecological Knowledge in Northern New South Wales: Time to Change the Cultural Heritage Management Paradigm?

Crowther, A. 2004 Investigating Lapita Pottery Use Through the Analysis of Organic Residues

Denham, T., M. Schlitz, P. Mill, D. Renshaw, H. Burke and A. Gorman 2004 Searching for Shelter: Community-Led Investigations of World War II Air-Raid Shelters at the Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park, Adelaide

Hobbs, D., M. Strong and A. McLaren  2004 Consulting on the Burnett River, Queensland

Ngo, B., J. Dortch and J. Field  2004 Taphonomy of the Megafauna Accumulation at Lancefield Swamp, Victoria

Privat, K., J.h Field and C. Trueman 2004 Biogeochemical Contributions to the Megafaunal Extinction Debate

Silano, J. 2004 Aviation Archaeology in Darwin

Swete Kelly, M.C. and S. Phear 2004 Rescuing the Remains: Examining the Aftermath of Fire at the Australian National University Archaeological Store

Ulm, S., J. Reid and J. Powell 2004 ‘2004 Mill Point Archaeological Project’ Field Season Report

Ulm, S., S. Nichols and C. Dalley 2004 Australian Archaeology in Profile: A Survey of the Profession 2005



Crowther, A., M. Haslam and R. Torrence 2003 Mumu: Residue Analysis of Ethnographic and Archaeological Cooking Stones from Papua New Guinea

Gaynor, P. 2003 Experimental Archaeology

Hart, D.M., C. Lentfer and L.A. Wallis  2003 A University Phytolith Key 5: Spheroidal Class

Lamb, J. 2003 The Raw and the Cooked: A Study on the Effects of Cooking on Three Aboriginal Plant Foods in Southeast Queensland

O’Malley, P., S. Piddock, P. Smith and F.D. Pate 2003 Delabole: A Cornish Settlement and Slate Mine in Colonial South Australia

Smith, P., A. Ash, F.D. Pate, M. Ragless and D. Lane 2003 Brownhill Creek Water Scheme, 1878–1930: A Water Supply System in Colonial South Australia


Eales, T. 2002 Let There Be Light: A Spotlight on Creationism in Australia

Haslam, M. and A. McKeough 2002 The Lang Park Teeth Mystery: Feature 33, UQASU’s Lang Park Salvage

Hook, F., B. Veitch, L. Warren, N. Spooner and the Innawonga Bunjima Naipaili and Martu Idja Banyjima Native Title Claimants 2002 Warrari Stone Arrangements

Marwick, B. 2002 X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Anthrosols: A New Geoarchaeological Method for Measuring Occupation Magnitude in Stratified Deposits


Brown, T. 2001 Archaeology and Capillary Electrophoresis: A Case of Haemoglobin Identification

Chapman, V. 2001 Drawing the Line: The Rock Paintings of Cania Gorge, South Central Queensland

Eales, T. 2001 Anatomy of a Site: Grinding Groove Cave, Cania Gorge, South Central Queensland

Francis, V. 2001 Constructing an Artefact Residue Reference Collection

Harvey, C. 2001 Harpers Ferry: The Effects of Industrialisation on an Isolated Community

Yow Yeh et al. 2001 Indigenous Cultural Heritage in the Boyne Valley, Central Queensland

Haslam, M. 2001 Zea mays-ing Maya: Integrating Microscopic Evidence for Corn Processing at Copan, Honduras

Leo, D. 2001 Unearthing Antiquarians: Reassessing Archaeological Practice in Rural Australia

McKeough, A. 2001 Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosy: DNA Analysis of the Plague Bacillus from Late Medieval London

Murphy, A. 2001 Faces in the Crowd: Individuation of Commingled Burials

Robertson, G. 2001 Birds of a Feather Stick: Archaeological Feather Residue Analysis

Ulm, S., J. Reid and N. Woolford 2001 Valve-Pairing and Stratigraphic Integrity in Coastal Midden Deposits: A Preliminary Study from the Seven Mile Creek Mound, Central Queensland

Woolford, N. 2001 A Mound of Data: A Preliminary Investigation of the Seven Mile Creek Mound through an Analysis of Species Diversity and Intra-Specific Size of Shellfish Recovered