AAA 2015 Conference Contacts

AAA would like to thank the 2015 Conference Organising Committee:

Convenor: Thomas Whitley (UWA)

Deputy Convenors: Megan Berry (UWA) and Jane Fyfe (UWA)

Conference Treasurer: Sven Ouzman (UWA)

Sponsorship Coordinator: Luke Godwin (James Cook University)

Conference Online Pty Ltd: Julie Jerbic and Erin Rapson

Organising Committee Members: Marian Bailey, Lucia Clayton Martinez, Andrew Cooper, India Dilkes-Hall, Kane Ditchfield, Joe Dortch, Emilie Dotte-Sarout, Kirsty Gilmore, Sam Harper, Jacqueline Matthews, Jo McDonald, Carly Monks, B’geela Romano, Elizabeth Vaughn, Peter Veth, Ingrid Ward, Stephen Wells, and Sean Winter.