Jana Rogash of Flinders University, and team, are looking for motivated volunteers to help with artefact recording in the 2015 season at Çatalhӧyük (Turkey) in July/August 2015. The possibilities are to work in either ground stone; pottery; or animal bone recording.

Their team is one of the many teams working at the early farming village of Çatalhӧyük (http://www.catalhoyuk.com). After 8 years of excavation, they are now in their study phase. They have large amounts of material to get through and need your help!

You would be working in a lab on site under the supervision of specialists in the relevant research fields and learning various recording techniques. Previous knowledge is great, but not a necessity. You would be working directly with one of Jana’s team colleagues, early career researchers that are fun to work with, very experienced in their materials, and use state of the art recording techniques. The assemblages are large (3t of pottery!), well preserved and therefore rewarding to work with. You would have to commit to a minimum of 3 weeks of lab work, but can stay longer if your schedule (and ours) permits.

During your time at the dig house you will also have the possibility to see what everybody else is doing in the other labs (from human bones to clay objects), participate in social activities, join tours to surrounding modern and archaeological sites and hear lectures and presentations. There is a possibility to also excavate with one of the teams on site before or after the lab work; which can be discuss that when you contact Jana.

For Flinders students, there is the possibility of receiving academic credit for this as Archaeology in the Field ARCH3313, or as a Directed Study ARCH8404.

Unfortunately, there is a degree of flexibility involved: the team can only finalise the date and length of their fieldwork season in May 2015 since it depends on many factors. It is most likely going to be 4-5 weeks in July and the beginning of August. Nevertheless, Turkish antiquities legislation requires the project to finalise the team list in the next weeks.

Putting your name on the list does not mean you will be forced to come, but of course we appreciate serious applications.

You would have to pay your own travel to site, but once you are there, room and board are covered by the project. Some pocket money for ice-cream on site and for day trips would be handy. Flights to Turkey are relatively affordable and do not have to be more than $1600.Jana can help you with travel organisation.

Please contact Jana by October 30th via email, Jana Rogasch (jana.rogasch@flinders.edu.au)