The University of Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Prize

 Year  Recipient(s)  Presentation Title
2013 Michael Marsh and Doug Williams Sampling and excavation strategies for a Pleistocene archaeological deposit in a rockshelter
2012 Casey Beresford, Simon Holdaway, Patricia Fanning and Justin Shiner Human ecodynamics as a conceptual framework for understanding human behavioural change and archaeological site location at Albatross Bay, Cape York Peninsula
2011 Daryl Wesley and Sue O’Connor Understanding the complexity of cultural change during the contact period in northwestern Arnhem Land
2010 Sarah Martin Constructing cultural landscapes on the Hay Plain: Heat retainer cooking And earth mounds
2009 Sally Brockwell ‘Dead men and Dreamings’; Some reflections on An-barra archaeology
2009 Chris Wilson Change and continuity in Ngarrindjeri Ruwe (Country): Understanding riverine lifeways and coastal influences in the Lower Murray
2008 Pat Faulkner Patterns of predation: Human exploitation of Anadara granosa: Blue Mud Bay, north Australia