2012 Life Membership for Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Archaeological Association

Lynley Wallis

Dr Lynley Wallis

Dr Lynley Wallis

Lynley has devoted enormous energy and enthusiasm to advancing the objects and purposes of the Association. She served as President from 2010 to 2011, was a key convenor of the 2009 annual conference in Adelaide. She is currently serving as editor for the flagship journal, Australian Archaeology, along with Heather Burke. During her time as President Lynley initiated several strategies to overhaul the communications platform of the society, including revitalising the AAA email list, assisting with the design and development of the new website, and initiating the AAA Facebook page. Most importantly, Lynley formalised the system for industry sponsorship of the conference, raising revenue and ensuring a reliable budget for each annual conference.

Arguably her most important initiative as AAA President was her work with Richard Fullagar in the development of the inaugural CV and job application writing workshops for students looking to apply for positions, and the foundation of the now annual ‘Meet the Graduates’ event, which connects new graduates with industry practitioners in an informal context and which has become one of the most successful events at recent conferences.

Since taking over as editor of Australian Archaeology just one year ago, Lynley, along with Heather, has worked to instigate several new strategies to advance recognition of the journal. In addition, she and Heather are working to continue to expand the content of the journal to represent the full range of archaeology as it is practised in Australia by encouraging contributions from the consulting industry.

Lynley continues to provide guidance and assistance to the conference organisers. The constant flurry of emails from Lynley during the planning and implementation of this conference demonstrates her ongoing commitment to all aspects of the Association. There are few members who have worked harder to promote AAA.