2002 Life Membership Award for Outstanding Service to the Australian Archaeology Association

Betty Meehan

Betty read Anthropology at the University of Sydney in 1962, the year Richard Wright began the teaching of prehistory in Australia. In August 1963 she attended what she believes was the first conference on Australian archaeology, at University of Sydney. The following people (at least) were there: Rhys Jones, Jim Allen, Jack Golson, Ron Lampert, Isabel McBryde, John Mulvaney. Betty was part of the committee which ran the 1983 AAA conference in Canberra, and with Rhys Jones edited the publication of the conference proceedings as Archaeology with Ethnography: An Australian Perspective (1988). She was President of AAA in 1984. She became Editor of AA in 1987 with Ron Lampert and Jenny Hope; in 1988 with Ron Lampert; in 1989-1992 with Val Attenbrow; and in 1992-94 with Sue Feary. During her time with AA, with help of other editors and Ann Andrews, Betty changed its size and colour and much of the internal formatting (most of which survives today). She also arranged for the first and only colour illustration to appear in AA’s pages (in an article by Stephanie Moser). Last but not least, she has always paid her annual subscription!