The Laila Haglund Prize for Excellence on Consultancy (offered by AACAI)

AACAI is committed to encouraging professionalism and excellence in archaeological consultancy. To this end, AACAI established The Laila Haglund Prize for Excellence in Consultancy to recognise outstanding contribution to consultancy in Australia. The prize is awarded for the paper presented at the AAA Annual Conference that makes the best contribution to consultancy in Australia. The award has been named after Laila Haglund in recognition of her considerable and ongoing contribution to AACAI and professional archaeology in Australia.

 Year  Recipient(s)  Paper Title
2019 Birgitta Stephenson (In the Groove Analysis) Getting it Out in the Open: Residue Reveals of Past Resource Use
2016 Oliver Brown (Associates Archaeology & Heritage) and Tracey Howie (Guringai Tribal Link Aboriginal Corporation) Hidden Middens: Three case studies of archaeological sites bound up in disturbance and all the safer for it
2014 Dave Collard Rage against the machine: the pros and cons of mechanical test excavation
2013 Ryan Hovingh (Snappy Gum Heritage Services), Ross Stanger (BHP Billiton Iron Ore) and the Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation The Warrawandu Walking Trail Project
2012 Doug Williams, Phil Hughes
and Marjorie Sullivan
Out in the Open: Excavation of Open
Artefact Scatters in the Pilbara  
2011 Colin Pardoe Door Meten tot Weten: Knowledge Through
Measurement, or Measure ‘Til You Die
2010 Alyssa Gilchrist, Paul Irish,
Sharon Lane and Jim Wheeler
Dumbing-Down: The Push Towards Prescription and What this Means for the Future Direction of Archaeological Consulting
2009 Richard Fullagar, Michael Slack, Paul Carr, Brian Jones
and Penny Williamson
Aboriginal Tool Stone of the Central Hammersley Range,
Pilbara, Northwestern Australia
2008 Oliver Macgregor, Alex Mackay, Phil Hughes and Marjorie Sullivan Issues Concerning the Identification of Flaked
Stone Artefacts in a Material-Rich Context
2007 Luke Godwin The Concept of Harm and the Application of the Duty of Care Guidelines in Queensland Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Legislation
2006 Daryl Guse and
Richard Woolfe
Communities of Confidence: Documenting Indigenous
Land-Use and Settlement Patterns from Rock Art
Distribution in Western Arnhem Land
2005 Bill Jeffery Chuuk Lagoon’s World War II Underwater Heritage Sites: Considering this Global Heritage from Different Viewpoints