Morwood and Van Oosterzee book coverJohn Mulvaney Book Award 2007

Mike Morwood and Penny van Oosterzee


The Discovery of the Hobbit: The Scientific Breakthrough that Changed the Face of Human History

The book provides a valuable insight into the thoughts and experiences which lead to the discovery of a new species of human, Homo floresiensis, at the site of Liang Bua in Flores, Indonesia. The book exposes Mike’s contribution and commitment to archaeology and his passion for discovering ‘the first Australians’. It is written in a style that is approachable and easy to read yet is still able to convey the science behind the discovery. The book is also appealing to academics from many different disciplines and has been able to transcend academia’s often rigid disciplinary boundaries. It is rare that a published work in archaeology generates such a diverse range of interest.

The popularity of The Discovery of the Hobbit has provided a great service to Australian archaeology by increasing the public’s awareness of, and interest in, archaeology.

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