Prizes and Awards

The Australian Archaeological Association offers Prizes and Awards to support achievements that meet the objectives of the Association. A list of the Prizes and Awards offered by AAA is provided below; by clicking on each award you’ll be able to see the list of winners.


Individuals may be nominated for Prizes and Awards. Organisations of any kind are not eligible.

Selection Process

The adjudication of all Prizes and Awards is done by the AAA Prizes and Awards sub-committee. This sub-committee adjudicates Prizes and Awards on merit.


Lists of all successful applicants are communicated here, through media releases and at the Annual General Meeting.

List of Awards

Rhys Jones Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Australian Archaeology
Life Membership for Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Archaeological Association
The Bruce Veitch Award for Excellence in Indigenous Engagement
The John Mulvaney Book Award

List of Prizes

Ulm-Ross Prize for the Best Paper in Australian Archaeology
The University of Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Prize
Annual Conference Best Paper Prize
Annual Conference Best Poster Prize
Best Paper Presenting Excellence in Archaeological Interpretation Prize
AAA Photo Competition Prize
The Darrell West Prize
Laila Haglund Prize for Excellence in Consultancy (offered by AACAI)


Nomination Procedure for Awards

Nominations for all Awards will be considered by the AAA Awards and Prizes Sub-Committee. The decision of the Awards and Prizes Sub-Committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Nominations should be received no later than September 30 each year, addressed to: The President