Dr Space junk versus the Universe won the Nib People’s Choice Prize and been shortlisted for two other national awards. Dr Space junk versus the Universe encapsulates many of John Mulvaney’s lifelong goals for the public dissemination of archaeological knowledge: it is superbly written, easy to understand, oriented towards a broad, general readership, and uses cultural heritage as a platform to highlight key issues that are directly relevant to understanding the modern world and our place as humans in the universe. It achieves this by creating a wholly captivating account of our many relationships with the objects, territories and conditions of space. Dr Gorman has been an international pioneer in the emerging field of space archaeology and cultural heritage management for nearly two decades. Almost single-handedly, she has conceptualised and theorised this field, innovatively applying archaeological principles that underpin good cultural heritage management to the ‘final frontier’. 

‘Goodread’ describes it as “One of the best science books I’ve read in a very long time, not just because of the amount of remarkable things she reveals, or the insights she brings, but because it is so beautifully written’.

The national recognition and transformative archaeology of Dr Space junk versus the Universe is recognised by the Australian Archaeological Association in the awarding of the John Mulvaney Book Award for 2019.