The AAA recognises the value of the internet as a medium for exchange of information and for promoting the objectives of the Association. We have developed the following policies to ensure that AAA office bearers and members as well as the broader community of users have a transparent set of guidelines that govern AAA website and social media usage and to help ensure that our online community remains friendly and inclusive while also meeting the purposes of the Association.

Moderators have been appointed to monitor and regulate all online activities that involve the AAA and these individuals should be contacted in the first instance with any queries regarding the application or interpretation of these policies:

  • Facebook: Social Media Officers
  • Twitter: Social Media Officers
  • Email list: AAA Secretary
  • Website: Webmaster

Policy on appropriate content

The AAA reserves the right to make decisions about what constitutes appropriate online content for our audiences on a case-by-case base. This applies to both content created by the AAA or by third-parties, including content published on our website as well as distributed by AAA-managed social media accounts.

‘Acceptable content’ is that which is considered acceptable by the Information Technology Subcommittee in relation to the Objects and Purposes of the Association, outlined in the AAA constitution and published at:

Inappropriate content includes content that is outside the Objects and Purposes of the Association, or that potentially breaches the AAA’s Code of Ethics, which is published at:

All potential breaches of this Code of Ethics on our website or social media accounts by current AAA members will be referred to the Code of Ethics Review Subcommittee.
Furthermore, the AAA will not publish or condone content that includes any of the following:

  • Language that is libellous, defamatory, abusive, obscene, unlawful or that otherwise includes threatening or discriminatory language;
  • Personal attacks or discriminatory comments based in race, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion/belief;
  • Any comments that contravene AAA’s Code of Ethics or are contrary to the aims of the Association;
  • Solicitation or spam;
  • Advertisement that is not related to the purposes of the Association as outlined in the AAA constitution;
  • Intentional misrepresentation of another individual’s views;
  • Any comments that contain sensitive information or that are likely in violation of any law;
  • Personal discussions or any comments that are off-topic or exclude a large percentage of the readership.

Moderation and editing policies and processes are outlined below.

Policy on Third-Party Content

Third-party content is simply content that is created by an entity or individual who is not an Office Bearer of the AAA. The AAA fully supports and encourages the distribution of third-party content via our website, particularly that which originates from members.

All decisions about the appropriateness of third-party content will rest with the IT Subcommittee and contributions will be edited by the AAA Webmaster to ensure consistency with the AAA Website Style Guide. Third-party content not originating from the website and distributed by Moderators via social media will also be edited as appropriate

Content contributed by members

We encourage members to create content about activities, events, issues and opportunities that are in line with the stated objectives of the Association. To this end, we openly accept requests from current members to develop and contribute content to the website. This includes:

  • Opportunities for research funding, employment and volunteer positions;
  • Information about study options;
  • Seminars, conferences, links and other resources;
  • Other news items including research results, ‘posts from the field or discussion pieces;
  • Other content that is deemed acceptable by the IT Subcommittee.

Members should contact the Webmaster in the first instance to discuss opportunities for posting content to the site. However, we encourage members to read the policies outlined below before doing so.

Commercial advertising and sponsorship

Some of the content posted to the AAA sites involves promoting opportunities of potential interest to members including seminars, conferences, workshops, short-courses, university courses and employment opportunities. Importantly, the AAA distinguishes between advertising of professional opportunities that help further the interests of the Association and commercial advertising.

Third-party content is deemed to be commercial advertising when it explicitly sets out to market or promote a commercial product or service, including:

  • Commercial analytical, research, consulting or other similar professional services;
  • Commercial products and consumer goods including books and equipment;
  • Financial services;
  • Professional opportunities that are not clearly and directly related to the objectives of the AAA.

All decisions about what constitutes commercial advertising are made on a case by case basis by the IT Subcommittee. The AAA reserves the right to decline requests to publish commercial advertisements on our site however may elect to publish such content in return for appropriate remuneration where a commercial service or product is considered to be of wide interest to our members.

The AAA will always clearly disclose any paid advertising published on our website.
At this stage the AAA does not accept sponsorship for our online activities however entities who are interested in sponsoring content are encouraged to contact us. All queries about advertising and sponsorship should be directed to the Webmaster.

Policy on Content Distribution

Content that the AAA chooses to promote or share will be communicated via one of three methods, outlined below. This policy also outlines how particular kinds of content will be distributed in order to provide clarity to members or office bearers and to minimise duplication of content sent via different mechanisms. Only what the AAA deems to be ‘appropriate content’ as defined in these policies will be distributed via these tools.

A summary of how different types of content will be distributed is provided in the following table.

AAA Website

AAA Email List

Major new offers or opportunities of interest to current and potential members. For example, notices about special offers and major membership milestones of wider interest. AAA Membership matters, including renewal reminders and messages about updating personal details.
Major seminar programs, or packages of seminar events such as those associated with a special event. Minor seminar announcements such as individual presentations at a specific university or weekly seminar series.
Conference or event announcements and major conference updates (including conferences other than those hosted by the Australian Archaeology Association) Calls for papers for specific sessions; notices about conference workshops, tours or events; information and reminders about conference deadlines or sponsorship.
Major legislative or policy announcements and associated media releases by AAA or other professional organisations. Specific information and calls for comment on legislation changes within Australia as well as associated workshops and meetings.
Volunteer or work experience opportunities, and announcements of field schools Minor queries and Requests for information being circulated by members, such as online surveys, requests for research materials
Job announcements including permanent and contract positions. Short-term work opportunities such as field workers for a specific project.
Major professional development opportunities, such as workshops, new training or study options
Blog posts by AAA members
Announcements and information related to new volumes of Australian Archaeology
Contact: Contact:

AAA email distribution list

The AAA runs an email distribution list via our website membership database. All current members as well as members who have lapsed within the past two years are automatically included on this list unless they have elected to opt-out. Information on opting out is provided below.

The email list is a one way distribution list that will not be used for discussion of any form. However, members can request that information be distributed via this list by contacting the AAA Secretary (

Content posted to the AAA Email Distribution List includes material that is primarily only of interest to current members rather than the wider community of website users.

AAA blog publishing service

The AAA regularly publishes blog-like content. This service is the primary location for the distribution of third-party content as well as updates and announcements by the AAA. The blog service is a tool for outreach within the broader community rather than a tool only for internal discussions about matters relevant to members. The email list serves this latter purpose.

Posts to our blog can be viewed by anyone with internet access (members and non-members). Blog posts are permanently available on our website and are fully accessible via internet search engines and indexing services. Blog content will not be taken down except in exceptional circumstances and where there has been a request to do so from the original contributor.

The primary focus of the blog is public outreach and so a major benefit of AAA membership is that members can publish content and have any such content credited to their own AAA account, provided contributes meet the policies outlined here.
All blog content is moderated and edited by the Webmaster to ensure consistency with the AAA Web Style Guide and other policies as appropriate. We are happy to work with members to help ensure blog posts meet these policies.

Notifications about new blog posts are automatically distributed via our email distribution list, outlined above. However, items posted to the blog and automatically distributed by email will not be separately distributed via the email list. This is to minimise duplicate content being mailed out to members.

Fixed content

The AAA maintains a range of content permanently on the site. Much of this relates to the objectives and activities of the Association, including Subcommittees, journal back issues and so on. All fixed content can be accessed via the menu system and unless subject to a major update, will not be promoted or distributed via the blog or social media services.

Members can request that information on the site be updated or offer new fixed content as is appropriate.

Opting out

The AAA respects that members and users may not wish to receive updates and notifications via our website. Current members can opt out of receiving automated email notifications at:

If your membership has lapsed and you are unable to log in, or if you are unsure about how to opt out of receiving updates generated by our website, please contact the AAA webmaster.

Users of third-party social media services can opt out of receiving updates from the AAA social media accounts by unsubscribing from our RSS feed or by choosing to cease following our Facebook or Twitter accounts. The AAA is unable to provide specific help to users who wish to unsubscribe from third-party services. Users should review the help pages associated with the particular software or web service in question.

Policy on Social Media

Social media provide important opportunities for the AAA to achieve its purposes. In order to maintain a friendly and inclusive online community the AAA takes care to manage it’s online social media pages. The following policy sets out the intended use of these platforms by those representing the AAA (i.e. Office Bearers). As a general rule of thumb, the majority of social media posts should refer to content that is already posted on our website.

The AAA maintains an active presence on Facebook where the majority of our membership are active. We also have a developing Twitter presence, however beyond these services the AAA does not currently use any other social media services.

The AAA approach to social media

The AAA should ultimately retain control over content that it wishes to publish or promote. Where possible, third party social media services will be used to distribute content that is already published on our own site. Posts to social media services will include links back to the specific page/s of the AAA website where further details can be found.

Social media is also about engagement, interaction and building relationships and sharing and helping to promote content created by others, including both members and non-members, is an important aspect of our social media activity. As such, Moderators will actively promote and share acceptable content through our social media services in order to continue to build these relationships. The AAA reserves the right to not promote or share third-party content that is considered unacceptable according to the policy outlined here.

Third-party content and social media

Only content created or vetoed by the AAA Moderators for each social media account can be posted to our social media services. Members can request that information be posted to the AAA Facebook Page or Twitter Account by contacting the appropriate Moderators.

Social media activity by members

Members of the AAA are bound by the AAA Code of Ethics. While we are primarily concerned with monitoring usage of our own social media accounts, we will take complaints made against AAA Members regarding their use of social media seriously. This may include submission of complaints to the Ethics Review Subcommittee about comments made via social media.

Members of the AAA, including past or current Office Bearers, will not disclose information about internal AAA matters including:

  • Review or decision making processes;
  • Awards processes;
  • Financial matters;
  • Complaints and grievances;
  • Or share personal information about other members.

Policy on Monitoring and Moderation

We reserve the right not to publish comments or to promote or share content that we consider to be unacceptable in relation to the policies outlined here. Queries about this should be directed to the Moderators for the service in question in the first instance.

Blog content

All posts and comments to the blog require approval from the AAA Webmaster before they are made live.


Twitter content

All tweets that mention or reply to a tweet from the Australian Archaeology Association official account will be monitored closely by Moderators who will block any user who is found to contravene our policies in order to remove problematic content from our Twitter page.

AAA does not in any way endorse the actions or views of its followers or accounts that it follows. Further, the AAA does not endorse any tweets or replies made by accounts that AAA follows. We will immediately ‘unfollow’ and ‘block’ any users who post content that contravenes the policies outlined here.

Facebook content

We will actively monitor content posted to our Facebook Page including comments on content we have posted. Content that is considered unacceptable will be immediately removed. Users who repeatedly post unacceptable content will also be added to the Moderation Blocked list on Facebook and will no longer be able to access our Facebook page.


AAA Web Forum Code of Conduct

The AAA Web Forum Code of Conduct details the legal and ethical obligations and expectations for all AAA members so as to act in accordance with the expressed standards of conduct, integrity and accountability contained within the Code.

The Code of Conduct is based on principles, values and behaviours outlined in the AAA Code of Ethics, which applies to all AAA Members interacting on the AAA web forum. All activity on the forum is expected to be conducted in line with these values.

As an AAA member and user of this forum you are responsible for any text, video, audio, images, photographs or other material you post. Please do not post content that infringes the law or third party rights, or which is in its nature discriminatory, offensive, obscene or defamatory, or which may cause offence to others on grounds of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, faith or disability.

The forum should not be used for commercial purposes.

We have not approved or checked any third party sites linked to our site, and we are not responsible or liable in any way for their content. Linking to third party sites from this forum will be subject to the terms and conditions of those sites.

The AAA Webmaster and National Eexcutive Council members reserve the right to monitor all forum content and, without notice, to edit, delete or remove any content we deem to be inappropriate. The views expressed within the forum are those of forum members, and not necessarily those of the AAA. If you believe that any content breaches the values and policies set out within this Code of Conduct please report this to, with details of the alleged breach, the post/section of the forum it appeared in, and the username of the individual responsible for the alleged breach.

To ensure that the AAA forum is an enjoyable, informative and a safe environment, the following guidelines apply to every post:

  1. Bullying will not be tolerated. Respect your fellow AAA community members by not creating or promoting threads or posts that intimidate, bully or insult individuals or groups. Any online harassment such as trolling, flaming, thread assassination, quote hacking, browser bombing and impersonation is prohibited.
  2. Respectful language is to be used at all times. Swearing and other vulgar language is not permitted.
  3. Do not post material which could be perceived as discriminatory or offensive, including racist, sexist, pornographic, profane, vulgar, derogatory, hateful or threatening content.
  4. Do no spam or flood this forum, and avoid double posting within duplicate threads unless relevant.
  5. Ensure your posts are true and accurate, and reflect genuinely held beliefs or arguments.
  6. Do not allow non-forum members to use your account to post within this forum, or to misrepresent your identity or affiliation.
  7. Do not post commercial material including solicitations, advertisements or chain letters. Personal websites may be promoted discretely, such as in your signature (e.g. academia, linkedin). What about promoting workshops etc?
  8. Do not post anything that could be considered libellous or defamatory.
  9. No post may infringe anyone’s intellectual property rights including copyright, database and trade marks.
  10. Any images included in the forums should meet the following size requirements (xx). Large images will be removed. Please make sure you have permission to post images.

Breach of the Code

It will be the sole decision of the AAA Webmaster or AAA NEC as to whether this code has been breached.

We retain the right to edit, refuse to post, or to remove any contribution in whole or in part that we deem to be in breach of the Code of Conduct. Where we believe there is a breach of the Code we may take whatever action we deem appropriate. Failure to comply with this Code may result in the following:

  • Issuing a written warning;
  • Requesting an apology/amends be made;
  • Immediate temporary or permanent withdrawal of all contributions and the right to access and use the forum, including deletion of your forum profile;
  • Legal proceedings on an indemnity basis for loss incurred; and
  • Disclosure of information to law enforcement agencies, or other third parts as is deemed necessary.

Further information

Please direct all enquiries about our Website and Social Media Policies, queries about content we have posted or complaints about the activity of members to:

AAA Webmaster