Dear AAA Members,

Journal Editors and Journal

The National Executive Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of the new editorial team for our flagship journal Australian Archaeology. This followed the recommendations of an editorial subcommittee convened for the purpose by the NEC and comprising Sean Ulm, Annie Ross, Robin Torrence and Heather Burke. The composition of the new team is:

  • Editor – Sandra Bowdler
  • Assistant Editors – Vicky Winton and Kate Morse
  • Consulting Editors – Jane Balme and Joe Dortch

The NEC looks forward to working with the new team. We would like to formally thank the outgoing editors Heather Burke and Lynley Wallis for the outstanding contributions made throughout the tenure of their editorship. Heather and Lynley will produce the June 2015 edition as their final task as well as providing advice and guidance to the incoming editorial team.

As acknowledged at last year’s AGM the journal has developed into a highly-ranked and much sought-after publication. However it is a massive undertaking and the production costs have inevitably increased. In light of the AAA 2014 AGM discussion and resolutions, the editorial subcommittee will provide ongoing advices in the migration of the journal to an online publishing house.

In any such move the AA Editors would retain control over the content but the printing and distribution would be the responsibility of the online publishers. This will result in greater economies for the Association and member subscriptions will not increase as a result of moving to an online publisher. The cover design will be retained and it is feasible that the total number of pages could increase. This will allow more high quality research to be published each year and reduce the waiting time for submitted articles.

We will keep you updated on developments in this area.


Fiona Hook

President, Australian Archaeological Association Inc.