The Australian Research Council have advised that public consultation on the Draft ERA 2015 Journal and Conference Lists is Now Open and will close on the 14 March 2014.
These Lists are designed for the sole purpose of supporting the ERA 2015 initiative. The lists define outlets that are eligible for submission by institutions.

To contribute to the public consultation you must use the Journal and Conference Consultation Interface, which is available through the ERA 2015 consultation website at

The Journal and Conference Consultation Interface (JACCI), allows users to:
•    download a spreadsheet of the Draft ERA 2015 Journal and/or Conference Lists;
•    comment on an existing outlet; and/or
•    add new journals or conferences.

We urge all AAA members to register (it’s free and easy) and have their say, to ensure the fields of research are appropriate for all journals our members publish in (the AA ISSN number is 0312-2417).  While those of you who are in academia directly may think this is not relevant for you, in fact it is, because the ERA exercise has flow on effects in funding levels and university support, and if our academic colleagues aren’t supported, that means the future of the discipline and the next generation of archaeologists and heritage research, protection and conservation will also be affected – so please take 5 minutes out of your day to look it over and contribute.

For general information about the JACCI consultation process, please read the JACCI Factsheet:

For assistance in using the JACCI interface please read the JACCI User guide:


Lynley and Heather, your AA Journal Editors